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Updated on 8 May 2024

A wide range of free period products are available across campus courtesy of the Period Power Project.

On this page

Student Funding is the host of the Period Power Project. This project aims to increase sustainable product provision and menstrual education across the University. Our approach is inclusive, and accessible to everyone.

We have a wide range of free products available, from bio-degradable single-use products to re-usable products.

Available products

You can collect what you need from:

  • menstrual cups   
  • period pants from sizes XS to XXL   
  • re-usable pads
  • organic cotton tampons
  • organic cotton pads

Where to find free period products

If you’d like to access any free period products, please visit Student Funding during our opening hours:

Period products are also widely available in all bathrooms across campus.

For any questions, contact the Student Funding Unit at

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