Can't log into your account or a system?

Updated on 7 July 2023

Run through this five-step checklist to regain access to your account or get into the system you need to before contacting IT

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You could be having difficulty for various reasons. Follow these simple steps to try and fix the issue yourself.

Step 1. Check you're using the right login format

Your login comes in three different formats (complex, we know - we are working to improve this):



  • Use your username to access a few systems, including:Pay2Print
  • Secure areas on the University website
  • Student and Staff Desktops

full username (no dots)

  • Use your full username to access most systems, including:
    Email and Microsoft 365
  • eVision
  • My Dundee

email address (has dots)

Anyone sending an email to you can enter your full username or email address into the To field and you'll receive it.


General rule of thumb: Use your full username for almost everything and try your username if this doesn't work.

If using a different format of your login didn't work, continue following the steps.

Step 2. Check the system you're using is ok

The system you're trying to access might be offline because of an ongoing issue or due to maintenance work. Check IT Status to see if this is the case and if:

✅ Yes, follow the status updates and try logging in again once we've finished the work or resolved the issue.

❌ No, you should continue following the steps.

Step 3. Check your browser isn't the issue

A small number of University systems don't work in specific web browsers. For example, the Room Bookings system doesn't work with Google Chrome but does with IE and Firefox.

If you rarely use the system you're trying to log into, try a different browser just in case. If this doesn't work or you do use it often and have never had issues, continue through the steps.

Step 4. Check you're entering the right password

We all hit the wrong key sometimes, so take extra care when entering your password. If this doesn't work or you're unsure what your password is, try resetting it.

Reset your password

The good news is, resetting your password couldn't be easier if you've set up your self-service password reset.

How to reset your password

If you can't self-reset your password

If you see Set it up now at the Outlook on the web login page you'll need to contact the Service Desk to have your password reset for you (see next section).

Step 5. Request manual reset

If you still can't log in, request a manual reset. Your request will go into the Service Desk queue which is monitored during office hours.