Olivia Haddow

Interior & Environmental Design BDes (Hons)

Detail view of materials looking at the copper pipe, concrete slab and wooden house shapes.


[re]HOME is a space in the City Centre of Dundee that is designed to expand the life of objects as well as retail spaces on the High Street. It creates a safe space for consumers to shop consciously. This adaptive reuse space is surrounded by re-imagined objects and materials giving them a new purpose and therefore re-homing them. 

The proposed site is the old Zara store and the three shop fronts that run parallel, of which three out of the four buildings are vacant. Due to the gentrification of other part of the city,  the increase of online shopping and over-consumption, a once busy, vibrant area has seen a drastic decrease in footfall. The phrase ‘Over-Consumption’ is a broad term for consuming something in excess. It can also be described as overindulgent. This term highlights the real problem with consumers and their shopping habits. Which my project [re]HOME helps to combat.

The spaces are designed to encourage sustainability and offer consumers the opportunity to shop ethically. Attracting the wider community to Dundee and bringing life back into the City Centre.

words 'the brief [re]home] next to a plan showing different levels of a building opened up

Interior views

room surrounded with red pipes

On left feature the Materials shop where used and left over materials are sold to help keep them in circulation for longer. On right is the charity shop space where second-hand clothes are donated and sold to help stop them from ending their lifespan in landfill.

Model making

Sketch models exploring materiality and the industrial feel I was looking for. I used a mix of materials such as concrete, copper, pipe, clear acrylic and wood. Keeping the colour pallet simple helps capture this aesthetic.


black and white views of old tenement buildings connected with red drawn on lines

Communal washing line collage made with wire and printed tracing paper. Communal washing lines help to bring communities together, creating an intentional interaction. They create shared spaces and encourage casual conversation. This was a big inspiration in my design and is something I tried to capture in my sustainable hub.