Megan Hutchison

Interior & Environmental Design BDes (Hons)

"Gasworks": Responding to the recent decline in the night-time economy, by reinventing the nightclub in the Stannergate gas tank farm on Dundee Docks.


In recent years, the threat of extinction has loomed over U.K. nightlife and club culture. Within a decade, over half of the U.K’s nightclubs have closed their doors. In attempt to save and revitalise nightlife that is in a state of decline within Dundee, ‘Gasworks’ seeks to reinvent the typical nightclub typology within the Stannergate Tank Farm located on Dundee Docks.  

A way in which the proposal aims to challenge the ever-imposing restrictions and regulations whilst also adapting to current consumer trends is through the activation of the sites daytime function. The cylindrical structures have been manipulated in a way that exploits the surrounding views and landscape to create atmospheric daytime spaces but also allow the site to glow from the exterior at night. The whole site is designed to accommodate everyone’s needs, from vast spaces dedicated to just a DJ and a dancefloor, to small hideaway relaxation zones to allow people to recharge and unwind. With only 2 of the tanks having fixed interior furnishings, the others serve as multi-purpose adaptable spaces allowing for a variety of activities and events to be carried out.

A bar and seating area at night with strobe lights and people dancing.

The first-floor bar area in the evening, where the space becomes a buzzing nightclub environment. The rounded bar creates less crowding due to the larger surface area. The floor has seating situated around the edges allowing for people to rest and recharge. With the second and third floors being slightly smaller than the first, it allows for the whole tank to be open space, where music, lights and atmosphere can travel throughout the entire building. This allows for better circulation and a more comfortable clubbing experience.

An illuminated bar outside with views of surrounding area. There is lots of seating and people enjoying themselves.

The upper level of the tank accommodates a rooftop bar with multiple seating areas. The area allows people to experience the clubbing environment but in a refreshing space with ample ventilation. The space also acts as a viewing platform, boasting views of Dundee and the River Tay. The central bar space can be multi-functional, acting as either a bar or a DJ booth. The roof is brought to life by the addition of ample lighting- seen within the bar structure and along the floor edging.

A view of cafe/ bar area during the day, with bar seating and people occupying the space. Sunlight is creating patterns on the ground of interior.

View of the first-floor bar space during the day, showing the multi-use space that works as a cafe area- this is then suitable for a variety of consumers, from students, families, and workers. The structures facade creates repetition and patterns within the interior during the day with the sun, bringing more activity to the space. Views can be seen of the water adding visual stimuli.