Juliette Gariglietti

Interior & Environmental Design BDes (Hons)

‘The Green Mill’ is an adaptive reuse project of the old Eagle Mills jute spinning factory in Dundee, aiming to promote local talent and sustainable creativity.


‘The Green Mill’ is a project in response to a context of multiple crises: environmental, social and economic, in the setting of the city of Dundee, which has gained international reach by being designated the first and only UNESCO City of Design in the UK in 2014, making it part of a worldwide network of Creative Cities, and with the inauguration of the V&A Dundee in 2018, Scotland’s first museum of design.

After the recent worldwide COVID pandemic outbreak and many alarming reports about climate change, our globalized overconsumption modes are being questioned: people are more anxious than ever about the future and eager for change. 

‘The Green Mill’ aims to reconnect people with their local communities, and support and promote local creative businesses by reinjecting life into Dundee’s former ‘Eagle Mills’: a listed jute spinning factory building from 1864 that has now been disused and left to decay for years, and transform it into a dynamic creative centre for the city.

The new Mill will allow creative practitioners and the general public to work, experiment and discover the creative industry through its facilities, which will offer access to workshop spaces, studio and office spaces, a shop to sell local designers’ work, libraries, an auditorium space for various events as well as a café and a canteen to bring people together around a more open, collaborative, local and sustainable community.

Exploded axonometric view of the project

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