Research in Geography and Environmental Science

We work at the forefront of social science and environmental research.   We champion the relevance of geographical perspectives within projects and larger scale initiatives.

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Our research addresses some of the most pressing environmental and societal issues in the World today. By making distinctive contributions to understanding these issues, staff and students in Geography and Environmental science are undertaking research that is helping to mitigate and build solutions that are transforming lives in Dundee, the UK and across the World.

Our work is organised into two groups: the environmental futures and social futures research groups. Staff and students collaborate within and across these groups, as well as with other disciplines, national and international institutions.  We are also part of and work closely with colleagues from the UNESCO Centre for Water Law, Science and Policy and the Scottish Institute for Policing Research.

Environmental Futures

Students trekking across the snow

The Environmental Futures research group is made up of mainly physical geographers. A key focus for our work is the sensitivity of environmental systems to natural and anthropogenic change, at both the local and global level.

Environmental Futures research

Social Futures

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Our Social Futures researchers work with communities as motivators of their own change. Members of the group have particular expertise in relation to crime, forced labour, health and disability, media, migration, policing, poverty, and security.

Social Futures research