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Growing up on the streets

We worked with hundreds of street children and youth in three African cities, gathering around 3,000 qualitative files and providing insights into their patterns of daily life, struggles, capabilities and coping strategies as they seek to create adult lives to value.
Growing up on the streets

Research projects

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View Tropical forest dynamics in logged, restored and conserved forests in SE Asia

Research project

A programme of work, led by Prof. Mark Cutler, that builds on research started over 20 years ago in logged forests around Danum Valley in Sabah, Malaysia. This includes analysis of the impacts of the 2015 El Niño on leaf reflectance and traits, and the effectiveness of restoration measures on carbon accumulation in forests after logging.

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View Displaced communities, environmental degradation and sustainable livelihoods in Uganda

Research project

This research uses a blend of Earth Observation and social science qualitative and participatory community-based methods to better understand human-environment interactions in refugee settings in Uganda. The work will directly contribute to policy and responses to create sustainable solutions for reducing environmental degradation and creating better livelihoods

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View Youth Transitions in Protected Crisis

Research project

Funded by DFID, Youth Transitions in Protracted Crisis focuses on young people who are refugees and highlights the challenges and strategies youth employ to create adult lives in difficult environments. The research took place in urban and camp settlements in Uganda and Jordan working with various refugee groups aged 10 -24.