Yuxin Li

Investigating digital identity through taking digital as material within the jewellery design practice.

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Yuxin's research explores the concept of 'digital identity' in the context of jewellery design, combining digital interactive technologies with contemporary jewellery craftsmanship to explore the potential of digital jewellery for the exploration of personal identity. Designed through the integration of hardware and software with jewellery processes, her research builds and develops knowledge on the theory of 'digital identity', while aiming to promote emotional awareness and self-identity through personalised expression and interactive experiences. 

Her research extends the definition of 'digital identity' from its initial meaning of identifying digital objects in IoT networks to a concept that fuses the dynamic identity of a person with the identity of a jewellery object, forming a mapping relationship. By capturing the dynamic identity of the wearer through an embedded interactive system in digital jewellery, the research aims to create new visible or tangible connections or narratives between people and jewellery objects, thus unlocking more of the potential of digital jewellery. 

Yuxin's design practice considers digital components as materials, integrating them as essential elements of jewellery design rather than just using technological add-ons, and explores the possibilities for innovative design ideas. 

Names of Supervisors: Chris Lim, Katharina Vones