Yuxin Li

Ambient Atmosphere from and Artists Perspective, a study on spaces that enhance a state of being in the world.

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Yuxin's research explores the explanation, presentation and potential application of “digital identity” in context of jewellery through the design practice of digital jewellery. Her research is located at the junction of multiple disciplines including identity study, jewellery, biometrics and digital technology. The original meaning of "digital identity" refers to the way different digital objects are identified in the Internet of Things network. Yuxin extends it to the field of jewellery, she considers it as a concept that integrates the online identity of a person and the digital identity of an object, and these two identities are a mapping relationship. She believes that with the intervention of the wearer’s biological data and the help of digital technology, a new visible or even tangible connections or narratives will be formed between a person and a jewellery object. 

Her practice work is meanly around embodying "digital identity" on jewellery through an integrated design of software and hardware such as custom electronic components and biometrics sensors with jewellery crafting. In terms of jewellery materials, she keeps exploring on the combination of 3D printing plastic and silicone. 

Names of Supervisors: Chris Lim, Katharina Vones