SSC in Research Practice

Information and guidance on how to apply for the student selected component in Research Practice.

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The SSC, student selected component, in Research Practice offers students the opportunity to study a research topic in depth. This allows students to focus on a non-core aspect of the medical curriculum and develop a questioning and critical approach to data analysis.

The course consists of two components: a 4 week block, and a 4-8 week vacation scholarship. The 4 week block is scheduled during standard SSC time (either in January or in May), and is a “Taster Month”. During this time you will become acquainted with basic methods and techniques used in your host research group, meet the team, and will formulate a research proposal under the guidance of your supervisor.

At the end of the 4 week SSC (and subject to mutual agreement with your host group), you will be offered a 4–8 week vacation studentship within the same research group. You and your supervisor should decide together on the exact timing of this placement (also dependent on the internal DCAT funding available at the time). In order to fund your summer portion of the SSC, you will be encouraged and helped by your supervisor to apply for bursary funding.

If you are doing your SSC in May, then you will need to do this before starting as many of the deadlines for bursaries are early in the new year.

Please contact the DCAT admin for further information, a list of available projects, and potential funders.

Apply for an SSC in Research Practice

A call for applications for the SSC in Research Practice (taking place in Jan/May) will be circulated in the September prior.

There are limited places available on the SSC in Research Practice. If you are interested in applying, you should consult the SSC in Research Practice project list to find projects of particular interest to you.

To apply, you will need to submit the online application form. This requires submission of:

  • a brief CV including all your course grades to date
  • short paragraph (200-300 words) about why you want to do an SSC in laboratory research

Please note that the application process for the SSC in Research Practice is a 2-step process. Applications should be submitted by the given date and results will be confirmed ahead of the final School closing date for the main SSC applications.

Students should then follow the main School SSC application process. If you are successful, you should select the DCAT SSC in Research Practice as your first choice. Unsuccessful candidates should choose an alternative.