Dundee Clinical Academic Track (DCAT)

Provides resources for undergraduate and postgraduate clinicians to engage in clinical academic work.

A major strategic aim of the University of Dundee is to develop future leaders of bioscience and health research. In line with this, the Dundee Clinical Academic Track (DCAT) aims to develop, administer, and coordinate research opportunities for trainee health professionals, bridging gaps between different Schools in order to capitalise on research and educational strengths within the institution.

DCAT provides a resource for undergraduate and postgraduate clinicians with an interest in clinical academic careers. Our aims are to:

  • coordinate research opportunities for medical students
  • provide information and administrative support for research to junior doctors in training
  • develop mentoring programmes for health professionals during periods of research training
  • facilitate administration and delivery of generic skills components
  • provide individualised advice regarding re-entry into clinical training following periods of research
  • maximise links with NHS Education for Scotland