Annual School learning and teaching enhancement report template and guidance

Updated on 14 December 2023

Guidance to be followed when completing School learning and teaching enhancement reports, together with a downloadable template to complete the report.

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The following guidance must be followed when completing School learning and teaching enhancement reports. Note that the reports should be succinct (no more than 6 pages) and not formulaic. Ideally there should not be repetition of passages of text from the previous report, unless to provide context.

A. Quality assurance

  1. Statement of assurance: Schools are asked to confirm that:

    • all taught programmes where the School has lead responsibility have been subject to formal annual review (in accordance with University policy for the academic year under consideration, and that the reviews have been appropriately considered by the School;
    • the School has considered the outcomes of all periodic programme reviews that have taken place during the academic year under consideration; and
    • the School has had appropriate oversight of external examiner’s reports, and that students have been given the opportunity engage with this.

    These are straightforward yes/no answers. There is an expectation that Schools will be able to make a positive confirmation for each of the statements of assurance described in Section A. If the answer is ‘no’ to any of the questions in Part 1 of Section A, a description/explanation of the School’s approach to oversight of quality assurance in the relevant area(s) should be attached as an appendix to the annual report.

  2. Outcomes from annual and periodic programme reviews and consideration of external examiner reports: Summarise the key points that emerged from the School’s evaluation of the annual programme reviews, any periodic programme reviews and PSRB reports, and the external examiner reports.

B. Enhancement of learning and teaching and the student experience

  1. Actions following on from the previous School Enhancement Report: Reflect on the effectiveness of any changes that were implemented this year as a result of the previous year’s annual review and discussion with the Vice-Principal (Learning and Teaching).
  2. Student retention, progression and achievement (degree awards/classification): Describe what has been learned from analysis of the relevant data, and the steps being taken to improve current levels of retention, progression and achievement.
  3. Student and staff feedback (including student module and programme evaluation feedback, DUSA student surveys and feedback, the National Student Survey (and PTES/PRES results as appropriate), and other ad hoc surveys): Describe the key findings from analysis of student and staff feedback, the steps that are being taken to close the feedback loop and actions being taken as a result of feedback. Indicate how the impact of any actions will be assessed.
  4. Curriculum development: Describe any plans for curricula development (e.g. changes to existing programmes and development of new programmes) outlining the rationale and intended benefits.
  5. Assessment and feedback: Describe how the School is working to make further progress in enhancing assessment and feedback at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels? If any programmes in the School have engaged with TESTA (Transforming the Experience of Students Through Assessment), describe what has been learned and what changes (if any) have been made.
  6. Employment and employability (including transferable skills, enterprise and approaches to personal development planning): Provide an overview of the main points that have emerged from analysis of the employment data for your graduates (consider both undergraduate and postgraduate employment statistics as appropriate for the School’s portfolio of programmes). What steps is the School taking to enhance the employability of both undergraduate and postgraduate students, and what is the anticipated impact?
  7. Innovation: Outline any proposed or recently-implemented innovations in teaching, learning, assessment or student support. Describe the rationale and intended benefits, as well as plans to evaluate the effectiveness of innovative practices. Describe how effective innovations in teaching, learning, assessment or student support are proactively shared and have a positive influence within the School and the wider University community. Comment on what works well and where there are challenges.
  8. Engagement with Professional Services: Highlight examples of effective engagement with Professional Services and flag any areas for development. Where areas for development are identified, provide a commentary on the support needs of the School from Professional Services.
  9. Inclusiveness: What steps is the School taking to ensure that its approach to admissions, teaching, assessment and development of curricula are inclusive in terms of the protected characteristics described in the Equality Act 2010. Schools should refer to the University’s Equality Outcomes Plan and the information provided on the Equality and Diversity webpages.
  10. Teaching collaborations: Provide a commentary on the School’s approach to collaborative activity in learning and teaching. This should include internal and external collaborative activity, and should cover a reflection on the effectiveness of any articulation arrangements, joint or double awards, or validation arrangements. Any plans for future collaborative activity should be outlined.
  11. Externality: Describe how the School seeks input from external stakeholders (e.g. prospective employers, alumni, PSRBs, placement providers) to enhance its taught provision. Indicate what the benefits and challenges are.
  12. Staff development: Describe the steps the School is taking to support the development of staff involved with learning and teaching (including both academic and support staff). Reflect on the effectiveness of the School’s approach to staff development and how it is making a positive impact on the student experience.
  13. Additional comments: Provide an outline of any additional points that the School team would like to discuss at the annual meeting with the Vice-Principal (Learning and Teaching).



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