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Of Other Spaces: Where Does Gesture Become Event?

Of Other Spaces: Where Does Gesture Become Event? is an annotation and reflection on the two-chapter eponymous exhibition and event project that took place at Cooper Gallery in 2016–17. The core of the publication is constituted by material presented and performed by over thirty thinkers, art historians, artists, writers and poets at the project’s culminating symposium, 12-Hour Action Group alongside important historical texts by Susan Hiller, Mary Kelly, Monica Ross, Annabel Nicolson and others.

Resonating with the ethos of open dialogue and the experimentation of women artists’ collectives in the 1970s and 80s, Of Other Spaces: Where Does Gesture Become Event? constructs a dynamic, open and collaborative arena that foregrounds practices of resistance, collectivity and self-organisation. Highlighting the inherent seditiousness that animates feminist thinking, the book seeks out the lodestone of a volatile politics, which calls for and instigates urgent alternatives to the cultural, political and economic machineries of power that haunt this world.  

Full colour, 224pp
Designed by Identity
Published by Sternberg Press, 2019

ISBN 978-3-95679-378-3


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& labels - Issue 6

Issue 6 is a special 48-page edition of our gallery periodical &labels. In Issue 6, a complexity of perspectives and positions are brought together reflecting on and interrogating the necessarily shifting nature of identity and its other.

This issue includes Reflections & Addenda by artists and writers Amelia Bywater, Seán Elder, Kirsty Hendry, an Under Consideration essay by Jane Rendell, Notes from the Studio shared by writer and researcher Seán Elder and artist Ulay and concludes with What I'm reading now... by artist and writer Morgan Quaintance and an updated format for N.B.

Read Issue 6 Editor's Letter.


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Invisible Residency Dundee, Mel Gooding and Bruce McLean

Blue thread stitch bound, full colour artists' book. Signed and numbered by Mel Gooding and Bruce McLean monoprinted with the Knife Edge Press motif on the cover.

In the Summer of 2013 artist Bruce McLean and writer Mel Gooding, as Knife Edge Press, were invited to undertake a residency at Cooper Gallery DJCAD. Having unavoidable commitments elsewhere, Gooding and McLean proposed an Invisible Residency, for which on each day of the residency they would be absent presences, exchanging at a distance text and image. These email exchanges were projected day by day on to the wall of the gallery, and are now gathered and published in book form.

Cooper Summer Residency 2013 coincided with the exhibition Knife Edge Press: The Complete Works (so far), Cooper Gallery, 2013.

Full colour, 48pp
Designed by Joanna Deans
Published by Cooper Gallery DJCAD in collaboration with Knife Edge Press, 2017

Limited edition of 250


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Hubs and Fictions: On Current Art and Imported Remoteness

Sophia Y. Hao and Edgar Schmitz (Eds.) with contributions by Tobias Berger, Guy Brett, Simon Groom, Sophia Yadong Hao, Lisa Le Feuvre, Ma Lin, Markus Miessen and Federica Bueti, Tom Morton, Vanessa Joan Müller, Wang Nanming, Paul O’Neill, Edgar Schmitz, Gemma Sharpe.  

The publication, Hubs and Fictions, originally a touring forum, invited international curators, writers, and producers to probe how fiction plays out in a globally distributed art-world ecology, and how infrastructures are invented against its background.

Full colour, 224pp
Designed by Stout/Kramer
Published by Sternberg Press, 2016

ISBN 978-3-95679-025-6



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A Cut A Scratch A Score

This book is a set of reflections and annotations on A CUT A SCRATCH A SCORE: A Comic Opera in Three Parts, a performance and exhibition project by preeminent British sculptor Bruce McLean and collaborators David Barnett and Sam Belinfante, Cooper Gallery, 2011 – March 2012.

This publication appropriates Alain Badiou’s philosophy of the ‘event’ as a curatorial proposition that situates exhibition making as a focal point for the unanticipated, the ephemeral and contingent production of knowledge. Evolving from material generated throughout the project, including artists’ sketches, working notes, transcripts of Salons, librettos, and reflexive texts by three writers in residence during the project, this book is an extended paratext with commissioned essays by leading philosophers and writers including Levi R. Bryant, Lisa Le Feuvre, Robin McKay and Christopher Townsend.

Sophia Yadong Hao & Ajay Hothi (Eds.)
Two tone with full-colour inserts, 240pp
Designed by Luke Gould
First published in 2015 by Arts Editions North, an imprint of the University of Sunderland.

ISBN: 978-1-906832022-3



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Bow Gamelan Ensemble Great Noises That Fill The Air

30th anniversary reissue on CD of the rare 1998 LP from the uniquely subversive East London performers Anne Bean, the late Paul Burwell and Richard Wilson.

Sold to coincide with Bow Gamelan Ensemble's exhibition Great Noises That Fill The Air at Cooper Gallery, 2018.

12 track CD
Published by COLD SPRING RECORDS 2018


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Anna Oppermann: Cotoneaster horizontalis

Providing a textual counterpoint to the major Anna Oppermann exhibition in Cooper Gallery, this is a 32page publication drawing together a body of writing from Anna Oppermann, Oppermann's lifelong partner Herbert Hossmann, researchers from Leuphana University Lüneberg; Professor Martin Warnke & Carmen Wedemeyer and the exhibition's curator Sophia Hao. Essays in English and German.

Published as accompany the exhibition Anna Oppermann: Cotoneaster horizontalis, Cooper Gallery, 2014.

Sophia Yadong Hao (Ed.)
Full colour, 32pp

Designed by Kit Russell
Published by Cooper Gallery DJCAD and Galerie Barbara Thumm Berlin, 2014


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Design Research Unit: 1942-72

A book by Michelle Cotton based on new research into the Design Research Unit: 1942 - 72 for a touring exhibition which was presented at Cooper Gallery, DJCAD in Dundee in November and December 2011.

Designed by A Practice For Everyday Life
Published by Koenig Books

ISBN 978-3-86335-040-6



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Georgina Starr's The History of Sculpture

Signed edition of Georgina Starr's artist's book The History of Sculpture. This 32pp publication contains full colour photographs and archival imagery as well as Before Le Cerveau Affamé poetry written by Georgina Starr, which is included in French with English translation. Edition of 150.

Published on the occasion of Georgina Starr's Cooper Gallery exhibition, Before Le Cerveau Affamé, October - December 2013.

For more information on the exhibition please see this webpage.

We are pleased to announce that The History of Sculpture is now available to purchase.


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Urban Turban Poster web

Bruce McLean Urban Turban Poster

Limited edition poster Bruce McLean, Urban Turban, 1997.

Signed by Bruce McLean, this limited edition poster for his three-channel 1994-97 moving-image work Urban Turban is available from Cooper Gallery, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design following the film's screening in our Two Night Stands series.

Digital print, 1997
Dimensions: 95.5 x 69cm
Signed on the reverse

Please contact us directly via to enquire about sales of this item.



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Kathrin Sonntag's If Only You Could See What I've Seen...

Signed edition of Kathrin Sonntag's artist's book IF ONLY YOU COULD SEE WHAT I'VE SEEN... This 28pp publication contains full colour photographs alongside written responses to Sonntag's exhibition I SEE YOU SEEING ME SEE YOU in Cooper Gallery. Edition of 200.

Published as an annex to the exhibition I SEE YOU SEEING ME SEE YOU, Cooper Gallery, February - April 2014.

For more information on the exhibition please see the webpage.


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Paul Noble's TENT

Paul Noble's TENT

A newly commissioned Artists’ Book TENT by acclaimed artist Paul Noble, published on the occasion of Noble’s solo exhibition TENT at Cooper Gallery, DJCAD in 2011. TENT extends the vista of Paul Noble’s epic project Nobson Newtown, a fictional place that comprises an extraordinary range of works combining meticulous craft with an ethical and political vision. TENT is a 24 page hand screen-printed book with photographic, drawing and textual content. It includes several multi-screen tonal prints and a double page 4-colour print. The book has been hand folded and bound. Dimensions: 25 x 17 cm landscape format. All materials and inks are archival quality. Each book in this limited edition has been individually signed and numbered by the Artist on the last page.


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David Bellingham Postcard Multiple

Limited edition David Bellingham postcard multiple, Bread & Milk One Penny Apart, postcard with penny, 2012.

Produced on the occasion of Making Words - Marking Words exhibition at Cooper Gallery. This special limited edition postcard multiple is based on an image taken on the Perth Road in Dundee while David Bellingham was one of the Cooper Summer Residency 2012 artists in residence.

Edition of 199
Signed by the artist



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David Bellingham Bag Multiple

Limited edition David Bellingham canvas bag multiple, Put Things In Here, 2012.

Commissioned by Cooper Gallery, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design.

Bag dimensions: 38 x 35cms
Thick cotton canvas with long handles
Signed by the artist



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Francisco Sousa Lobo's I Like You Art Much

Set out to be an exhibition within an exhibition, Francisco Sousa Lobo's comic book I Like Your Art Much acts as a reflexive voice and a point of departure from which Hugo Canoilas' entire exhibition Someone a long time ago, now. evolves, mirroring the artist’s critical stance on the social and political histories of the contemporary. 

Published on the occasion of Hugo Canoilas' exhibition Someone a long time ago, now., Cooper Gallery, March - April 2015.

For more information on the exhibition please see the webpage.


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Dear Lynda... Zine

The Dear Lynda… zine presents a collection, reflection and review of materials held in the International touring exhibition Dear Lynda… which Cooper Gallery hosted from 9 March - 5 April 2013. 

Lynda Morris is respected as ‘the artists’ curator’ who has given many artists their first exhibitions. In 1991 acting on a desire to break open the boundaries of a London-centred art scene, Morris established EASTinternational, an open submission exhibition in Norwich. EAST became rapidly responsible for launching the careers of many artists, including Jeremy Deller, Matthew Higgs, Hurvin Anderson, Lucy McKenzie, Karla Black and Corin Sworn, and turned Norwich into a recognised international hub for contemporary art.

This A4 zine includes a conversational text by Lynda Morris, which guides us, like an inspiring novel, through her friendships with artists and her life in the art scene. Across 96 pages that include photographs and documentation, the zine catalogues Lynda Morris's personal journey, beginning with a chance encounter with the Rolling Stones in 1962, and leading to Marc Camille Chaimowicz's exhibition Jean Genet...The Courtesy of Objects, in 2012 at Norwich University College of the Arts, where Morris is Professor of Curation.

3rd Edition published by Cooper Gallery, DJCAD, Dundee

Georgina Starr Four of Bubbles Multiple

Limited edition Georgina Starr screen-printed canvas bag multiple, Four of Bubbles, 2016.

Commissioned by Cooper Gallery following Starr's solo exhibition Before Le Cerveau Affamé held at Cooper Gallery DJCAD in 2013. 

This is a bag made out of grey cotton canvas, the bag dimensions are : 38 x 43 cm and it has long handles. 

You can purchase an artist signed** copy of Four of Bubbles for £10.


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Georgina Starr's Before Le Cerveau Affamé - Vinyl

Limited edition of Georgina Starr's vinyl record Before Le Cerveau Affamé. This record presents Before Le Cerveau Affamé French poems written by Georgina Starr and recorded during the Before Le Cerveau Affamé exhibition in Cooper Gallery. A written French with English translation is included with the record. Each vinyl in the edition of 10 features a different image from The CardsBefore Le Cerveau Affamé.

Produced on the occasion of Georgina Starr's Cooper Gallery exhibition, Before Le Cerveau Affamé, October - December 2013.

For more information on the exhibition please see this webpage.

Before Le Cerveau Affamé is available to purchase from Cooper Gallery for £200 plus P&P. For more information please email with 'Georgina Starr - Limited edition vinyl' in the subject line.


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& labels - Issue 5

Issue 5 is a special 48-page edition of our gallery periodical &labels. The publication unites texts by artists, critics, theorists and philosophers on the subject of the voice.

This Issue includes contributions from Ella FinerDominic Paterson and Nina Power with articles in the Under Consideration section; Notes from the Studio from artists Oliver BraidGeorgina Starr and Susan Hiller (introduced by Alexandra Kokoli); and concludes with What I'm reading now... by Susan Hiller.

Read Issue 5 Editor's Letter.


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& labels - Issue 4

Issue 4 - Materiality & Metaphysics is a special 48 page edition of our gallery periodical &labels. The publication has united texts by artists, critics, theorists and philosophers on the subject of materiality and metaphysics.

Contributors include Joe Hughes and Chris Sharp with articles in the Under Consideration section; Notes from the Studio from artists Lys Hansen, Kraig Wilson and Viola Yesiltaç; and a conversation between Richard Layzell and Tania Koswycz.

Dr Lisa Otty was the co-editor of this edition and she has contributed a text entitled Incarnations as well as an interview with Lys Hansen and Kraig Wilson.

To read the Editor's Letter from Issue 4 follow this link.


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& labels - Issue 3

This issue is themed around the proposition of 'technical image' by philosopher Vilém Flusser and features texts from Valentina Bonizzi, John Dummett, Steven Gartside, Boris Gerrets, Clive Gillman and Kim Walker.

To read the Editor's Letter from Issue 3 follow this link.


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& labels - Issue 2

This issue focuses on collaboration and collectivity and includes texts by Anne Bean, Simon & Tom Bloor, Guy Brett, Nina Chua & Jessica Longmore, Andrew Hardman, Paul Noble.

To read the Editor's Letter from Issue 2 follow this link


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& labels - Issue 1

Cooper Gallery's gallery periodical. This inaugural issue includes texts by Cullinan Richards, Tracy Mackenna and Norman Shaw with Notes from the Studio pieces by our Cooper Summer Residency artists Sophie Lisa Beresford, Michael Mallett and Stephen Murray. It concludes with a What I’m reading now… feature from Steven Cairns and our regular arts diary N.B.

To read the Editor's Letter from Issue 1 follow this link.


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