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Exhibitions DJCAD is a distinctive platform in Scotland for challenging and innovative practices and critical discourse in contemporary art, design and visual culture. By positively advocating the pooling of knowledge from different disciplines our programme implements a sustained and rigorous critical engagement. Through devoting our four gallery spaces, including the Cooper Gallery, to original and creative methodologies we support, produce and disseminate the best practices of national and international artists, designers, writers and creative thinkers.

Future Exhibitions

Cullinan Richards - First Unaffected Unaffected Formal Effects Last

The Scottish debut of Cullinan Richards at the Cooper Gallery, DJCAD

Paul Noble - TENT

Paul Noble Moonowl

Georgina Starr - Before Le Cerveau Affamé Opening Ceremony

David Barnett, Sam Belinfante, Bruce McLean - A CUT A SCRATCH A SCORE

Full Eye (Anne-Marie Copestake, Katy Dove & Ariki Porteous) – CHROMATIC LINK and Seed for Irregular Repetition

Full Eye (Anne-Marie Copestake, Katy Dove & Ariki Porteous), 2014