Music at the University of Dundee

Information about music at the University of Dundee and relevant societies for staff and students.

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We have many exciting musical groups and activities to take part in. From sacred motets to musical theatre, ceilidhs to clubs, there is plenty for any musical taste. Staff, students, and the wider community enjoy being part of exciting performances across the city.

We have an exciting programme of performances which spans the academic year. Working in close collaboration with the Dundee University Music Society, OpSoc, Dundee Electronic Music Society, Dundee Bands Society, and many other student societies, we put on over 30 performances both on and off campus. 

Calendar highlights

  • Christmas Carol Service
  • Dundee Jazz Festival
  • OpSoc’s show stopping musical
  • Friday evening performance/lecture series
  • DEMS’ late night music ventures
  • TradSoc’s society ceilidhs
Staff and students playing music together

Musical groups

While most of these groups are student led, the university’s Director of Music provides support and guidance, especially for concerts, graduations, university services and events. Working in close collaboration with the Music Society and the Chaplaincy, the Director of Music ensures that music in the university is of a high standard and sensitive to the needs of staff and students.


There are many and varied resources to support the musical life of the university. We have a growing collection of scores and instruments, as well as a large student, staff and graduate base of musicians. There is also a scholarship scheme for talented choral singers and organists. The university is also home to our beautiful Chapel organ and two grand pianos (used for regular concerts) and other pianos available for general use.

The university chaplaincy offers some of the finest acoustics on campus, making it an ideal space for our weekly recitals. Performing at the foot of one of Hew Lorimer’s most famous sculptures, students, staff and other local musicians offer weekly recitals and music lectures.

Music at the University of Dundee gives you the opportunity to take a break, to focus on your own physical and mental wellbeing. It is a good way to meet other students and staff members, develop some musical skills and have great fun!


John-Luke Harris, Director of Music