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My name is Lynsay and I am a Senior Careers Adviser. I have been with the Careers Service since 2012 as the Careers Adviser for Life Science and CAHID.

I graduated with a degree, Masters and PhD all in Analytical Chemistry before moving out into industry to work in lab-based and then Business Development/sales roles. After a number of years I trained as a Secondary School teacher and worked in a Grammar School in Manchester (very close to Old Trafford!) before returning to Scotland to take up various roles in supporting young people into employment through a number of different charity organisations.

As a professionally qualified Careers Adviser, I help students in the School of Life Science and CAHID to reach their full potential through careers and application support as well as liaising with relevant employers to showcase their company and opportunities.

Careers with a life science degree

Obtaining a Life Science degree can open up many options for you. Some useful websites to spend some time on are below;

These websites contains information about different options with your degree subject and roles within the Science and Research sector.

Below you will find some useful information and links to help you explore some of your options. This is not a definite list of roles or options so please do book an appointment with myself to discuss your options and ideas. You can book an appointment through our CareersPortal.  I look forward to speaking to you soon.

Using your degree to work in a lab based environment

Many people with a life science degree really enjoy the time they spend in the lab and want to continue this in their working life. There are many options for lab based roles;

Research:  typically people who are interested in research will do a PhD in a topic they are interested but there may be other opportunities, such a research assistant roles, straight from your undergraduate degree. To find out more about Research Scientist roles visit the Prospects website.

Scientist roles within the NHS:  many people will want to use their knowledge and skills in the NHS and the route into lab based scientist roles is through the NHS Scientist training programme – you can find out more information about it in the NHS Health Careers website.

Lab based roles in industry:  here are many Life Science companies across Scotland, UK and the world who employ graduates for lab based roles. Large organisations will have graduate schemes which have strict deadlines for applying. Other organisation will advertise roles when they have a vacancy. Start researching the different organisations and find out who you would like to work for, take a note of their applications deadlines, visit the Careers Service for advice on your application and get applying!

Using your degree outside of the lab

Many people feel they want to use their skills outside the lab environment but still want to use the knowledge they have gained during their degree. There are many different areas so keep doing your own research to find the role that suits you best and check back here for more information.