Studio facilities in Architecture

We have extensive and high quality studio space and encourage our students to make the best possible use of it

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Our studio space is designed to encourage dialogue and collaboration between students of different tutorial and year groups. It is a vibrant and creative environment where you will spend the majority of your time engaged in self-directed study, sketching, drawing, and model making or being taught in one to one or group tutorials.

In the architecture studio, a typical tutor group will be comprised of 12–14 students with a dedicated studio workspace, a high provision of desk space, model storage, and fresh gallery-like walls for pinning up work. The studio facilitates the act of ‘creating’ and it's not unusual to find students discussing their designs with tutors, working in groups, or working on their own building models, casting plaster, drawing by hand, painting, or reading.

There is a strong emphasis on problem based learning in the design of buildings and places. Accordingly, we will present you with a well-considered range of topics and the studio is often described as the testing ground for ideas, a social hub which will enable you to discuss your emerging projects, to collaborate, and to learn.

“Working on a live project in our Masters unit this year has been a great opportunity to meet with clients and have involvement with planning procedures in preparation for future employment. It's been exciting as well as challenging to work with the community in attempting to achieve their aims within the parameters of our academic project.”

Claire Souliman, MArch student

The architecture space is also supported by a well-equipped computer suite with a wide range of software and printers. Lessons in computer aided design (CAD) and digital graphics are taught and practiced within this space.

You will also have the full use of a dedicated model making laboratory which is shared with students from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design. The Make Lab and joinery workshop are accessible and located nearby on levels below the architecture studios. These facilities are managed by experienced technicians and jointly offer digital printing, 3D printing, laser cutting, and a wide variety of manufacturing machinery, tools and work areas for students interested in constructing models from timber, plastic and metal.

Our technicians provide excellent assistance and as you will see from our image galleries, the students in turn produce a high standard of quality work.