Research in Architecture and Urban Planning

Our staff share an ethos based upon Geddesian dialogues between theory and practice, localism and the international, the synoptic view and specialism

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We have research interests and expertise in the following areas:

  • zero carbon building and energy networks
  • the environmental performance of buildings
  • the environmental assessment of regions
  • planning, sustainable place-making and community engagement
  • social mobilities and spatial inequalities
  • urban culture and society
  • urban theory, history and subjectivities
  • building design in the landscape

One of the strengths of the research unit is that these interests are closely aligned with our taught courses. Architecture and Planning research is thus divided between:

  • design-led research that produces buildings
  • history/theory research that produces texts, images, and models
  • evaluative research that includes planning, policy and practice, and environmental assessment and performance

These three categories are crosscut by design-based, measurement-based, and text-based methodologies. The work draws upon the research methods and discourses of the humanities, the social sciences, and applied physical sciences.

Geddes’ concern with the synoptic view encompassing ‘land work folk’ defines a form of latter day humanism (an update on a renaissance ideal) by which we orient our research practices into the urban and rural environments.

PhD opportunities

Dr Sandra Costa Santos, Director of PhD programme for Architecture and Urban Planning

You are welcome to contact academic staff who share your area of research interest. You'll need to apply before a firm decision can be taken on whether or not a PhD place can be offered.