Our commitment to sustainable development and effective environmental stewardship.

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The University's commitment to sustainable development and effective environmental stewardship is integral to our social purpose. As a “triple intensity” University, we are striving to contribute to a more sustainable future, locally and globally, through our education mission, impactful research and engagement and enterprise activities. 

We recognise the environmental, social, and economic aspects of sustainability, and the overriding need for ecological sustainability, as central to everything we do. 

Learning opportunities for staff

We have gathered a range of sustainability training resources to make it easy for all staff and students to understand how everyone can contribute.

Carbon Literacy Training 

Develop your knowledge of the climate crisis by taking the accredited and award-winning Carbon Literacy Training here at the University of Dundee. The course is open to all staff and students.

The training requires 6 hours of training over 2 3-hour sessions, as well as 6 hours of self-study.

What is Carbon Literacy?

Register your interest by contacting Project Manager Iain Lilly:

Environment culture

This presentation below provides staff with some ideas on how to start an environment culture in our workplace. Learn about the University’s net-zero ambitions and the use of behaviour-changing tools so you can do your bit to help the University become a more sustainable workplace.

Sustainability, Net Zero and Carbon Emissions

Learning opportunities for students

Welcome Module: Climate Action & Sustainability

Training in Climate Action & Sustainability (CAS) is an online course for all students at the University designed to support students to action for a sustainable University. By making the CAS module accessible for the whole student population as a part of matriculation, the University has created a springboard for local action with global reach. 

The CAS module covers key terms relating to sustainability, such as sustainable development, circular economy, and greenwashing as well as helping you to become familiar with the Sustainable Development Goals and their relevance. 

It also provides guidance on the social aspects of sustainability such as tackling poverty, improving mental health, and accessing green spaces including the University Botanic Garden. 

Access the course on 'my courses' in My Dundee. If you have any feedback on the course, please email

Learning opportunities for staff and students

Sustainability in the curriculum

The University is committed to expanding education for sustainability within the curriculum, with regard to both the content and manner of delivery. All students will be empowered with the skills and knowledge to contribute to a sustainable future.

Co-development and co-ownership with our students are fundamental to the success of this endeavour. We are inviting all staff and students interested in education for sustainable development to contribute. 

Our next session will be on Wednesday, March 27, from 1:30PM to 3:30PM at Strawberry Bank in the Main Library, exploring themes related to sustainability and discover how education can drive positive change. Lunch will be provided.

Additional training and learning resources 

Net Zero on Campus Guide

A webinar supported by a helpful guide, and accompanying toolkit, to help accelerate climate action by championing knowledge, climate research, and action across our communities.

The 5th P (Persuade) Handbook

A handbook sharing resources on net zero advocacy, policy, engagement and best practice.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning also hosts courses on sustainability and UN SDG themes. University staff can access this for free.

Education for Sustainable Development Goals: learning objectives

Explore the UNESCO SDG Learning Objectives – a UNESCO resource to support educators in embedding the SDGs into teaching

Opportunities to get involved 

The University’s Carbon Action and Sustainability Management Board is Chaired by the Principal. 

Membership list:

  • Vice-Principal Blair Grubb (chair) 
  • John Rowan 
  • Rose Jenkins 
  • Pam Milne 
  • Trudy Cunningham 
  • Neale Laker 

The Management Board is supported by the Carbon Action Planning Group, chaired by Neale Laker. 

Sustainability Champions 

Sustainability Champions are a network of volunteers who provide a local focal point for sustainability issues within their School or Directorate. Their role is to act as an enabler of change by encouraging their peers to make small changes to everyday practices that collectively make a big difference across the University.

The Sustainability Champions Handbook sets out an introduction to the skills required by a Sustainability Champion.

To volunteer as a Sustainability Champion contact