Africa Initiative

Our long-term commitment to working in equitable partnership in research, education, and engagement, to enrich lives both in Scotland and Africa.

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About the Africa Initiative

The University of Dundee has longstanding relationships in Africa, built on decades of collaboration and education. Students, researchers and academics have shared knowledge and partnered both in Dundee and across the African continent.

Today both Africa and Scotland are faced with the challenge of ensuring economic growth and transformation while adapting to climate change.

To address some of these challenges, we are now increasing the breadth and scope of our engagement and developing a ground-breaking new model for equitable partnership. This work is all about co-creating new agendas and empowering people as agents for change, wherever they are. Through joint research and capacity building, together we are assisting the most vulnerable communities in improving their health and education systems, while positioning for long-term sustainable economic development.

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Africa Doctoral Fellowship Scheme

The Africa Doctoral Fellowship Scheme launched in 2023 as a cornerstone of our Africa Initiative.  In bringing established academics from partner institutions to the University for a fully funded 4 year PhD programme.