We have a strong focus on research and believe that providing high quality and reliable insights into different aspects of our foremost tasks. 

We lead and participate in projects covering a wide variety of topics, including transboundary water governance, integrated water and coastal zone management, ecosystems services, biodiversity and shared groundwater.

Milestones and achievements:

  • The UNESCO Centre has attracted more than £2 million in funding from a variety of sources for interdisciplinary research work with a strong focus Scotland, the EU and on global development and climate change. The Centre remains unique in its capacity to successfully incorporate legal and policy considerations into broader scientific research on water.
  • Membership of significant global research and practice networks, including UNESCO’s International Hydrological Programme (IHP) and the OECD’s Water Governance Initiative. The IHP network integrates all UNESCO’s Water Centres and Chairs and enables active participation in global activity such as UN-Water’s World Water Development Reports.
  • Significant interface with Scottish decision making and priorities through activities on e.g. the Tweed Forum; the Customer Forum; work through the Centre for Research on Water (CREW); and the HydroNation Forum.
  • Development and production of a wide range of academic papers, reports, policy briefs and advisory notes covering an enormous range of aspects of water resource management and water service provision from national to international levels.
  • Successful supervision of sixteen PhD students, including those funded through scholarships from Scotland’s elite Hydro Nation programme and by other Scottish Government initiatives.