Date of entry

August 2022

About your interview

If you are invited to interview you must attend an online interview on one of the pre-scheduled dates.

Interview format

Our online interviews take the form of a group interview made up of 3 sections. Throughout the interview, interviewers will be observing your interpersonal skills and how you participate within the group. They will consider your knowledge and understanding of education in Scotland and any previous experience you may have. 

  1. Group task
    You will undertake a task with a group of other applicants. In this activity we will be discussing the attributes of an effective teacher, so it would be helpful if you could consider, before the interview, the qualities and characteristics teachers should demonstrate.
  2. Presentation
    • You will present a two-minute prepared presentation to the rest of the group (approximately 12 other applicants and the interview panel).
    • Your presentation content should be informed by relevant policy and research.
    • You should present without visual aids such as PowerPoint and we ask that you do not read from notes. You may use brief notes written on cue cards for reference.
    • You should choose one of the topics below for your presentation.
      • One of the purposes of Curriculum for Excellence is to help pupils develop as ‘Responsible Citizens’.  How do you think teachers can contribute to this development?
      • One of the outcomes of Curriculum for Excellence is to give pupils the “skills for learning, skills for work and skills for life”.  What type of skills do you think are required to meet this outcome?
  1. Group Discussion
    The final section of your interview will take the form of group discussions linked to current issues in education. Throughout the interview, interviewers will be observing your interpersonal skills and how you participate within the group. They will consider your knowledge and understanding of education in Scotland and any previous experience you may have.


It’s natural to want to share you experience with others, however, we ask you not to discuss the specific topics or tasks at the stations with other applicants, school friends, or online.

Although there is little evidence that knowing the station details in advance makes a different to performance, we feel that the integrity of the system is better upheld if the topics and tasks of individual stations are confidential. We would appreciate your cooperation with this.

On the day

We use Blackboard Collaborate for our online interviews. You will be given a link to access your interview in your confirmation email. There is no need to register for an account or log in, simply click the link in your email to join the online meeting at the time stated in your confirmation and reminder email.


Before you begin your interview, we will verify your identity against the details provided in your application. Please have your photo ID with you on the day as this will be asked for.

Photo ID

Issued by a government agency or professional institution showing your name, date of birth, and a clear image of your face.

Examples include your photocard driving licence (full or provisional), passport, national ID card or Young Scot card.

Dress Code

For your interview you should dress smartly, the same way you would for an in-person interview. If you are struggling for an outfit, your school uniform will be fine.

Running late

If you are running late on the day of your interview, please email as soon as possible.

Managing your nerves

We recognise that interviews are stressful, and we don't want this to stop you from giving your best performance. If it's obvious that you're becoming a bit flustered, our interviewers will be helpful and encouraging and will put you at ease.


Invite to interview

If you are invited to interview, we will email your invitation to both your personal and email address. You will not be notified of an invitation via UCAS.

Rather than issuing all invitations at once, we release them in phases depending on when your application has been assessed by our Admissions Team. Where possible, we will try to give you at least two weeks' notice to allow you to make any arrangements.

Interview timings

You should plan to be in your interview for approximately 90 minutes.

Interview dates

We typically hold our interviews between January and March. It is wise not to plan holidays over this period so that you don’t miss out on an interview date. Our booking system will allow you to choose from a selection of dates and times. We advise that you book quickly to secure a slot which is best for you.

Interview outcome

After interview, some early decisions will be communicated but the majority of applicants will be notified after interviews are completed. Final decisions will be made by the UCAS decision date. This decision will be communicated via UCAS and will be emailed to both your personal and email account.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about your interview after you’ve received an invite please email