for Jewellery and Metal Design BDes (Hons)

Date of entry

September 2020

Portfolio Guidelines

You will be required to bring your portfolio to the interview as you will have the opportunity to discuss your work with us.

We are looking for students who are enthusiastic and committed to gaining a deep understanding of materials and their unique qualities using craft skills. In particular we are interested in people who can ‘see’, show us evidence of their observation drawings, an appreciation of 3D form and structure and how you are working with these observations to create design ideas. This could be in the form of annotated sketchbooks and/or photographs of 3D maquettes and/or finished work. Let us see how you think too – we want to see where your ideas come from and your creative ways of working. Everyone is an individual and so we are interested in gaining a holistic picture of who you are, what you care about and your sense of expression. Let us see some of your best and most recent work.

International Applicants

Selected international applicants will be invited, on the basis of the information within the UCAS application form, to submit a digital portfolio and may be subsequently interviewed via Skype/telephone. Full details of the digital portfolio submission process will be provided as necessary.

Digital Portfolio Guidelines

Please select 15 images based on the information provided below for your chosen specialist subject area.

You can also provide us with the URL of your blog, website and any on-line folio of creative work. We can look at this as well as review your images.

Process – your research & development

Show us how you research and develop your ideas in a sketchbook (or similar). Show us your research and development, thought process related to a specific project or body of work. We are looking to see how you think through an idea/project/concept, how extensive your research is and how thoroughly you develop your visual or spatial research before arriving at the final outcome.

Try to demonstrate:

1. Where your inspiration comes from

2. An understanding of shape and form

3. An awareness of the body and a sense of scale

4. An awareness of the work of other historical and/or contemporary jewellery designers

Drawing & Documentation – creating primary research (How you look, observe and record visual information)

Show a selection of drawing/drawing approaches from a source/s or projects of your choice. Ideally these should exhibit a confident and varied handling of media whilst demonstrating strong observational skills i.e. the ability to observe, document  and explore (visually or spatially) your chosen source/s in order to extract information with potential for further development into a final outcome or solution.

Other forms of visual or spatial documentation such as photography fall into this category.

Try to demonstrate:

  • Evidence of your observation drawings
  • A general sense of visual enquiry within your drawings
  • An awareness of scale and composition
  • How you think/see, where your ideas come from and your creative ways of working

Making & Materials – surfaces, structures & product

Evidence of an understanding or empathy with materials, surfaces, structures or artefacts

Try to demonstrate:

  • An awareness or empathy with metals and/or other materials, such as plastics, found objects, fibre etc.
  • Sensitivity to the development of material samples and test pieces
  • Your technical ability through the creation of examples and finished jewellery e.g. rings, necklaces etc.

Digital Portfolio Submission Format

We accept the following:

  • jpg, jpeg, gif, tiff, tif, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, pdf, png and bmp file types are allowed and each file size limit of 5Mb
  • Movie files can be submitted providing links to YouTube/Vimeo or QuickTime movies

Digital Portfolio Submission

You will be prompted by our Admissions Team to submit your digital portfolio (and answer a few questions in respect of your interest in studying art & design at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design), via the University of Dundee Applicant Portal, thereafter, if required, we may contact you to arrange an interview in person or via Skype.

If you require further information on any aspect of the application consideration process or the undergraduate programme in general, please do not hesitate to contact us.