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“The Bridge is a mix of wonderful stories about you, our alumni and the impact the University’s research and work has in transforming lives across the world. We very much hope you enjoy the read.”

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The wonder years

Keith Harris took an unorthodox path through university, which led to a decades-long career in the music business, as the manager of Stevie Wonder among other artists. Now he is back at Dundee after being elected Rector.

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Giving back to track

Eilish McColgan had her university life interrupted by the small matter of the 2012 Olympics, leading to a decade as a top-level distance runner. Now she is looking to enable the next generation of athletes to reach their full potential.

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A new dawn for Peter

With your help, our neurosurgeons are performing incisionless surgery using an MRI-guided focused ultrasound scanner to eliminate essential tremor with life-changing results. Peter Airey shares with us his story of taking part in the clinical trial.

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As the world continues to open up again, we look forward to welcoming more of our alumni back to Dundee. Whether for a day trip, the weekend, or a reunion we would love to see you back in the city. To help with your planning here are some of our top tips for exploring Dundee today.

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The Bridge Alumni Awards

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The Bridge Alumni Awards bring together alumni of the University with staff across various departments to celebrate the contributions of our global alumni community to the University’s commitment to transforming lives, locally and globally.

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