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Smiles of Dundee: A dental student's journey

Ayush reflects upon his four years as a dental student.

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Wow, four years at the University of Dundee dental school have passed already. Honestly, it feels like I have just started! As a fourth year, I have learnt quite a lot about the University and the School of Dentistry. In this blog, I am excited to share my experiences, insights and tips with you. 

Life as a dental student

Dental school at Dundee is both challenging and rewarding. From anatomy classes to hands-on clinical training, every day presents new opportunities to learn and grow. One of the things I love most about studying dentistry here is the emphasis on practical skills. Whether it's performing a root canal or perfecting a dental restoration, we're constantly honing our craft under the guidance of experienced faculty members. One of the distinguishing features of Dundee, a key difference in the curriculum, is the amount of patient exposure that we as dental students see. This key difference was one of the biggest reasons I chose to apply and study at the University of Dundee. The amount of clinical practice has truly elevated my confidence. I still remember feeling shaky about seeing my first patient in first year. I have now grown immensely and am very comfortable interacting with patients. 

One of the most fulfilling aspects of dental school is the opportunity to work directly with patients. From routine cleanings to complex procedures, every interaction teaches us something new about patient care. Building trust and rapport with our patients is essential and I've found that simple gestures, like taking the time to listen to their concerns, can make a world of difference.

Managing your workload

As dental students we juggle a lot of responsibilities, from lectures and labs to clinic sessions and exams. Over the years, I've discovered a few strategies that have helped me stay on top of my game. First and foremost, time management is key. Creating a study schedule and sticking to it can make all the difference. Additionally, don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Whether it's from professors, classmates or senior students, there's a wealth of support available to you.

Dental school can be demanding, both academically and emotionally. It's important to prioritise self-care and wellbeing amidst the rigors of our studies. For me, regular exercise and mindfulness practices have been lifesavers. Whether it's going for a run along the waterfront or taking a few minutes to meditate between classes, finding what works for you is key.

Dental Community

Outside of academic life, there's a vibrant dental community here at the University. From student-run clubs to volunteer initiatives, there are countless opportunities to connect with like-minded peers and give back to the community. Last semester, I had the privilege of participating in a dental outreach program, where we provided free dental care to underserved communities. It was a humbling experience that reinforced my passion for dentistry.

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Ayush Laddha

Dental student at Dundee.

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