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Discovering Dundee

Student Georgia shares some of her favourite things to do in the city of Dundee.

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Coming to Dundee University from Yorkshire, I didn’t really know anything at all about the city or what there was to do. So, after a year of exploring, here’s what I’ve found and what I would recommend:

  1. Dundee Contemporary Arts. This wee gallery on Perth Road has frequent new exhibitions (often free!) along with workshops and a cinema! It’s a funky and welcoming venue with plenty to offer whether you want to go on your own or with others. They also often do discounted film screenings for those living in Dundee Halls, which is always handy to know.
  2. Mary Ann Lane and other street art hubs. Mary Ann Ln is an open wall just after the Seagate bus station where anyone is free to go and create art. Even if you’re not an arty-type yourself, a walk down there is mesmerising and you can often find other artists at work. Other street art can be found dotted around Dundee but there is a nice collection on the wall behind Seabraes near the railway tracks.
graffiti of face on wall
  1. The V&A. A classic to anyone visiting Dundee, but its always pleasant to head out onto the balcony or have a wander round.
  2. The Riverfront. Whenever I need to clear my head, I go for a walk along here. Just after the Tay Road Bridge there is a small platform which is very peaceful to go up and look over the river.
  3. Slessor Gardens. When the sun is shining in ‘Sundee’ this is a wonderful place to relax. Additionally, there’s a cool piece of artwork (shown below) just to the side of the gardens
wall covered in posters
  1. Blend Café. This café really encapsulates the community spirit of Dundee. They host many events like yoga mornings, open mics, poetry readings, art exhibitions and so much more! Check out their insta for more info!
  2. Olympia. A swimming pool just after the Wellgate Centre with 4 slides, diving boards, a wave pool and a lazy river! So so much fun for those who like physical activity!
  3. Escape Rooms Dundee. This place was honestly so much fun – I’d never been to an escape room before but I will definitely be going back here to try another of their 4 rooms.
  4. The Law. A beautiful place to go, especially around sunset, even if the walk is a killer!
  5. Avertical Centre. This is a climbing centre just beside the hub. You won’t be able to use the high walls if you don’t know someone who is an instructor, however, the bouldering walls are free to use for everyone and it is honestly a fantastic afternoon that will leave you aching!
climbing wall
  1. Broughty Ferry Beach. For only a £6 train ride, this makes a lovely day out for you and your friends, just don’t make the mistake I did. Don’t get in the sea in March. You will get ill.
two women in the sea
  1. City Quay. There’s a lot happening around the quay: lots of restaurants and coffee shops; the Frigate Unicorn; and during summer, Wild Shores aquapark opens up! This was possibly the highlight of my activities I did in Dundee last year, so grab some friends and head on down this summer!
  2. St Andrews. Technically not a place in Dundee, I know. But hop on one of the 99 buses and take the half an hour ride across the Tay to St Andrews to visit the beach, ruins and, of course, grab a world-famous ice cream from Janetta’s.
  3. Charity Shops. Dundee’s charity shopping scene is one of the best I’ve seen. In the city centre alone there is a plethora of shops, and with so many students in Dundee, its so easy to find something to suit you for a fraction of the price you’d normally pay! (Also, it’s brilliant for saving the planet and combatting fast fashion).
  4. Gate Church Clothes Swap. Once a month, this church puts on a clothes swap once a month where you can find some gems for completely free! This helps save some pennies for some poor students.
  5. Botanical Gardens. Free entry for Dundee Uni students – just remember your student card.
  6. Top of the Tower cafe. This cafe has one of the best view of Dundee and it is right on campus! Lectures are held in the tower building, so if you find yourself there, be sure to head up for a coffee or snack. Plus, their hot drinks are half price before 10am, so its a cheap way to get that caffeine in before lectures!
  7. Create Station in the Library. If you’ve not seen this advertised all over the library then where have you been? But I can’t recommend checking it out enough. There’s Lego, badge makers, an embroidery machine and so much more! It’s great for a quick study break after those long hours in the library.

And then there’s some places I’ve yet to visit but are definitely on my list:

  1. Dundee Science Centre
  2. RRS Discovery Centre
  3. Verdant Works
  4. Rep Theatre

Happy Discovering Dundee!

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