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Beyond the books: The diary of a coffee addict in Dundee

Suffering from caffeine withdrawal? Me too. All. The. Time.

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I am not just your usual coffee addict. I like my daily coffee with a side of hipstery scenery and nice staff.

Daniella Karaoglan Christensen

During my last 3 years in Dundee I have found the very best, cutest and most aesthetic places to grab a coffee – whether it’s to go, catching up with friends or for a quiet day of studying (let’s be honest, not all of us enjoy 9-hour days in the library). 

I once heard a rumour that Dundee has the UK’s cheapest coffee. As an experienced (I promise) university student, I off course did all my research, and couldn’t find any definitive proof of this claim. However as a self-proclaimed almost-local Dundonian, I can confirm that coffee here is reasonably priced wherever you go – so when it comes to picking the best local coffee spots, there are a lot of other things that matter. 

Daniella Karaoglan Christensen

Half Danish half Brazilian 4th year student of International Business, who loves talking all things Dundee.

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