UK CORI publishes first annual report on Research Integrity

Published on 6 July 2023

The report highlights ongoing efforts to ensure UK research is trustworthy, ethical, and responsible, and identifies areas for further work.

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The first UK Annual Statement on research integrity was released today by the UK Committee on Research Integrity (UK CORI).  

The report includes some indications for how matters pertaining to research integrity will be included in future assessments by funders. Similarly, UK CORI is currently consulting on REF2028 consistent with the information already released in early REF 2028 guidance indicating the importance of research culture and research integrity in future assessments. 

As part of the report, the Committee also released two case studies. One of the case studies is focused on the importance of senior leadership in enabling good research practice and features Professor Dario Alessi, Director of the MRC-PPU.

Dr Ralitsa Madsen, a recently appointed Independent Investigator in the MRC-PPU, is a member of UK CORI and contributed to this report.

She explains “Much of what we do as a Committee is centred around championing good research practice, responsible assessment of researchers by funders and institutions, as well as a positive research culture more generally. Everyone realises that a good research culture underpins excellent research, and to be excellent, research must be done with high integrity. I would encourage everyone to read this first Annual Statement on Research Integrity in the UK – especially group leaders and early career researchers – and to get involved in championing and accelerating all the positive changes that are taking place across the country. Please get in touch with me or the Committee with any feedback. I also look forward to working with everyone here in Dundee, including Prof Inke Näthke, on championing and maintaining the University’s strong position in this space.” 

Dr. Madsen will join the Schools’ Research Integrity Group. That means the School has representation from two major groups working on research integrity in the UK: UK CORI and UK Research Integrity Office (UKRIO, where Inke is a member of the Board of Trustees). This supports our expertise and leadership in this important area not only in the School and University but also nationally.


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