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Students plan to ‘Own The Night’ at DUSA

Published on 15 November 2021

Students are invited to own the night next week as Dundee University Students’ Association (DUSA) host a special event to highlight and support the strong and collective demand for freedom from gender-based violence

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The event, taking place on Saturday 27 November, is inspired by the ‘Reclaim the Night’ marches happening in Dundee and across the country in response to growing frustration around GBV.

We Own The Night will run for 15 hours, from 12pm until 3am, with workshops and a variety of entertainment, supporting students in having their voices heard in a safe venue.

Cheryl Ann Cruickshank, CEO of DUSA, said, ‘‘The event is about highlighting the reality of gender based violence and saying loud and clear that it is everyone’s responsibility to take an interest and see gender based violence as an important issue that we all have a role in eradicating.

“It’s about giving the clear message that violence is never acceptable, reclaiming spaces for all genders – after dark and during the day – rejecting victim blaming and creating the expectation that all genders should have as much freedom in the way they behave as each other.”

Education is key when trying to prevent GBV and DUSA are hosting a range of workshops including: spiking awareness, consent education and GBV awareness training throughout the day. Students will also have the opportunity to train in self-defence and celebrate the achievements of influential women in history.

“We want everyone who visits DUSA to enjoy positive healthy relationships and to do so safe in the knowledge that we care, we are listening, and we will always support you,” continued Cheryl-Ann.

“We must make it clear in everything that we say and do that gender-based violence in any shape or form will not be tolerated by DUSA.’’

Dimitris Vidakis, President of DUSA, said, ‘‘At DUSA we have a zero-tolerance stance on violence of any kind, particularly gender-based violence. Whilst we have an abundance of support and help on offer we still recognise that more needs to be done to ensure everyone is safe, respected and equal in our community.

“Our free night bus that picks-up and drops-off students to and from campus and our status as a Safe Place is just a small example of the steps we’re taking to help keep students safe. We have all staff trained in the Ask for Angela initiative, and we still recognise that more needs to be done to ensure everyone is safe, respected and equal in our community.

Tickets to all day-time events are only £1 with all of the money going to DUSA’s charity partner, Dundee Women’s Aid.

A ticket to the night-time events will give students access to four venues showcasing top female DJs, Drag Karaoke, and massive sing-along parties from Massaoke.

Polka Dot Disco Club, performing in Floor 5, are a female DJ collective who challenge gender inequality within the music industry. Through workshops and club nights, Polka Dot Disco Club create opportunities in spaces that are free from discrimination and harassment.


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