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Published on 5 August 2022

10 Design, part of Egis Group, is an international architecture practice employing a number of University of Dundee graduates

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10 Design, part of Egis Group, is an international architecture practice with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Edinburgh, Dubai, Miami, London, Shenzhen and Singapore. Employing a number of University of Dundee graduates, the practice has designed and delivered projects across Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas, working at diverse scales from designing individual buildings to planning cities.

Current projects include:

New Town Quarter, one of the largest redevelopment projects in Edinburgh, transforming a former Royal Bank of Scotland site into a modern mixed-use scheme of 350 homes and office accommodation.

An artistic rendition of The Zhuhai International Convention and Exhibition Centre

The Zhuhai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, situated in the Great Bay Area of China, combining flexible exhibition and convention space with theatre and music auditoriums.

An artistic rendition of Al Seef

The award-winning mixed-use project Al Seef in Dubai. The design has activated 670m of the Dubai Creek waterfront with boutique food and beverage, retail, hospitality and marina amenities.

10 Design employs a number of University of Dundee graduates. Ross Milne, Ross Cochrane and Kishor Lad share their experiences.

Ross Milne

CEO, 10 Design
BSc and BArch Architecture, Class of 1989

"My current role is CEO, which is a role that pushes the practice in the right direction and ensures that it has the tools to be able to do so.

"This week I am in our Edinburgh studio but next week I will be travelling back through Singapore and then onto Hong Kong, where I am based. I try to keep a very high-level knowledge of which projects we are undertaking, but it becomes difficult to know them all. I am mostly involved in looking at the most strategically important projects up to the point that they are signed up. Thereafter, respective design leads take over the design and delivery with their design teams.

"Studying at Dundee gave me the foundations of what I still believe today – that design and the use of up-to-date technological advances should be used in a positive way to improve people’s lives through architecture.

"There was a good mix between design theory and practical design considerations when I studied at Dundee, which has served me well throughout my career.

"Alumni connections have played an integral part in my journey. Kishor Lad and I studied together at the University of Dundee. We have now known and worked with each other for nearly thirty years. It is good to know that the talented and dependable people I work with have had the same experience as me.

I have crossed paths with many more University of Dundee alumni in the UK and abroad and there is a consistency in terms of the level of success, which is testament to the quality of education and experience received there."

Ross Cochrane

Architecture Assistant, 10 Design
MArch Architecture, Class of 2019

"My current role as Architecture Assistant takes on many responsibilities, from design input, technical coordination and client presentations, all of which have aided in the final submission of my RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Part 3 this spring.

"I am based in Hong Kong and I hope that once travel restrictions begin to relax, I will be able to fully experience the true nature of 10 Design’s international scope of work and travel more frequently to sites.

"Graduating only three years ago, I have been very fortunate that in such a short duration of time, I have been able to implement my knowledge from my education into live projects, from one-off homes to entire masterplans of towns.

"For me, studying at the University was pivotal in bringing me to Hong Kong and Asia. Initially, through my tutors, I became aware of the possibilities, while being exposed to new cultures with the University’s strong connections with Wuhan University, along with the opportunity to study at Tongue University, Shanghai.

"Before joining 10 Design, I met an experienced University of Dundee graduate, who at the time was directing an upcoming practice in Hong Kong. This opportunity gave me a foothold into the city and an architectural opportunity, which later saw me join the 10 Design team. I have been working in the Hong Kong office for over a year now and another fellow Dundee graduate will be joining soon too, continuing the company connection not only with Scotland but also with Dundee."

Kishor Lad

Director (Dubai office), 10 Design
BSc and BArch Architecture, Class of 1989

"I work as a Director for 10 Design, based out of the Dubai office. I lead the coordination and delivery of projects within the region, ensuring design guardianship. My role encompasses a truly international nature – at the moment I am currently working on projects in Saudi Arabia, which are being designed by our studio in Edinburgh.

“The University’s Architecture department had many students from international backgrounds, including many students from Hong Kong. This helped us to establish connections and inevitably enabled many to springboard from working in Glasgow and London to Hong Kong and further afield in South East Asia”

Kishor Lad, Director (Dubai office), 10 Design (BSc and BArch Architecture, Class of 1989)

"Ross Milne has been a long-term Dundee friend and work colleague and we have worked together in many countries now.

"I have met many Dundee alumni along the way who are strong individuals, and have gone on to be leaders in their chosen fields. This is a testament to the quality of the education and experience received there."

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