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Science honour for Dundee fertility researcher

Published on 25 August 2022

A University of Dundee expert in reproductive medicine will play an important role in shaping his field after being appointed to the Board of Reviewing Editors for the journal Science.

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Professor Chris Barratt, from the University’s School of Medicine, was invited in recognition of his contribution to fertility research. Science is one of the world’s most prestigious academic journals and the papers it publishes have a significant impact in determining the future direction of research.

Less than 7% of submitted papers are published in Science, reflecting its reputation for publishing only the highest quality research. As a member of the Board of Reviewing Editors, Professor Barratt will help the in-house editors select submissions that are most appropriate for in-depth review and potential publication.

Professor Barratt will advise on submitted papers relating to fertility, reproduction, assisted conception and contraception, in recognition of the importance of these topics in biomedicine.

He explained, “Science is one of the leading journals in the world so being appointed to the Board of Reviewing Editors reflects both the work we do here at Dundee and the increasing importance of reproductive medicine. It is testament to the high-quality, innovative and unique work taking place between the Schools of Medicine and Life Sciences.

“This is a rapidly growing field and my appointment acknowledges the need for more expertise to advise on papers on reproductive medicine. To demonstrate how vital this area of study is, sperm counts have fallen by around 60% in the past five decades in some regions of the world and in some countries as many as one in ten births is because of assisted conception.”

Professor Barratt is recognised as one of the world’s foremost experts on male infertility and heads up the international Male Reproductive Health Initiative (MRHI) task force.

Along with colleagues from the Schools of Medicine and Life Sciences, he is leading research that aims to develop a new male contraceptive. Aided by funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the team aim to identify suitable compounds with the potential to develop the first safe and effective contraceptive drug for men.


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