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Pioneering behavioural finance expert to deliver Ronald Coase Lecture

Published on 11 June 2024

The University of Dundee is hosting a series of lectures by Professor Werner De Bondt this week, including the School of Business’ flagship event of the year, the Ronald Coase Lecture

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Professor Werner De Bondt, a pioneering figure in behavioural finance, will share his extensive research on the rationality and irrationality of investors, markets, and organisations.  

His groundbreaking work includes significant contributions to understanding market overreaction, financial bubbles, trader overconfidence, and herding behaviour among investors. 

Professor De Bondt’s landmark paper, "Does the Stock Market Overreact?", co-authored with Nobel Prize winner Richard Thaler, has been cited over 3,357 times and remains a cornerstone in behavioural finance literature. 

Professor Morris Altman, Dean of the School of Business, said, “We are thrilled to host Professor De Bondt for the Ronald Coase Lecture. His insights into the psychology of investors and market behaviour are invaluable, and we look forward to the rich discussions his presentations will inspire.” 

Named in honour of the Nobel Laureate in Economics, the Ronald Coase Lecture series is a highlight of the University of Dundee’s academic calendar. It features academics who share their cutting-edge research and insights, fostering knowledge exchange and innovation. 

This series of lectures is set to attract academics, students, staff and members of the public to learn about the world of behavioural finance. 

Event Schedule: 

  • Tuesday 11 June, 2-4 pm: Driven by Outliers? The Size and Winner-Loser Effects in U.S. Stock Returns, 1931-2021 
    Event Link 
  • Wednesday 12 June, 2-4 pm: The Behavioural Revolution in Finance 
    Event Link 
  • Thursday 13 June, 2-4 pm: Ronald Coase Lecture: Investments – Strengths and Weaknesses of Financial Decision-Making 
    Host: Prof. Morris Altman (Dean of the School of Business) 
    Event Link 
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