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Published on 17 July 2020

Each year, the University has the pleasure of welcoming another cohort of graduates to our ever-expanding global alumni community

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Our alumni can be found in over 200 countries, pursuing an extraordinary variety of endeavours and are united through their shared connection to the University of Dundee.

This shared connection is just one of the many benefits that come with being part of our alumni community and is strengthened through our alumni groups and networks, across the world, which many of our alumni are a part of. 

If you would like to be connected to one of our alumni groups or networks, please get in touch by emailing alumni@dundee.ac.uk

Alumni Volunteering

Our alumni give back their time to our University and its students in so many ways. Whether that is sharing their story to inspire prospective students, offering internships or work experience to current students or directing students and families at Open Days.

Jack and Jacqueline, who are regular volunteers, gave back their time by speaking to prospective students at an event in Sanya, China.

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“Acting as a volunteer for the University at the Sanya conference was an amazing experience for me. I am proud of my University and I really appreciated the opportunity to tell my story about Dundee.”

Jack, MSc International Business, Banking & Finance 2017

“Firstly, I was honoured to be invited to the Sanya conference. It was my pleasure to share my experience in Dundee and my degree with other education organizations. Secondly, I believe the University of Dundee is the greatest place to study. All I did was share life in Dundee and explain why I think the University is amazing!”

Jacqueline, Architecture MArch 2018

Launch of the Global Alumni Ambassador Scheme

It is no secret that our alumni are among the University’s best ambassadors, helping to enhance the reputation of the University across the world. In May of this year, we launched the Global Alumni Ambassador Scheme through which our graduates are selected as ambassadors to help with in-country and regional activity. This activity includes speaking to prospective students, giving career support to current students, connecting us with industry and partnership opportunities and driving alumni activity forward.

Our alumni ambassadors can be found in Ghana, the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore among other countries.

Our Alumni Ambassadors have been supporting recruitment and marketing colleagues across the globe with a successful ‘Alumni to Parent Q&A Session: A graduate's guide to studying and living in Dundee for parents and carers’ event in South-East Asia. Alumnus, Professor Pon Poh Hsu, attended this Q&A session and spoke to parents about his experience in Dundee.

an image of Hsu wearing a white shirt, black tie and smiling

Here he explains why he became an Alumni Ambassador for the University in Singapore:

“It is my great honour and pleasure to support the University of Dundee in Singapore. I recently participated in a Q&A session for parents of prospective students, highlighting what a safe and welcoming environment Dundee is and where a degree from Dundee can take you. There is a real sense of community amongst alumni in Singapore and we are very enthusiastic to support the University by providing advice to students and new graduates, promoting Dundee as a destination for Singaporean students, offering networking opportunities for alumni and enhancing the reputation of the University.  It is something I am delighted to be part of”

Professor Pon Poh Hsu

If you are interested in volunteering for the University of Dundee or would like to become an Alumni Ambassador, please get in touch with us at alumni@dundee.ac.uk.

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