Mixing science with business – Pawat's masters experience in Dundee

Published on 29 March 2022

Pawat Piyakitcharoen was one of the first students to study one of the new Life Sciences taught postgraduate courses. He explains how mixing science with business provided him with valuable knowledge and skills.

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Pawat studied for an MSc Biomedical and Molecular Science with Business during the academic year 2019 – 2020. An international student from Thailand, coming to Dundee was his first experience of studying abroad. He chose to come to Dundee due to the expertise at the School of Life Sciences. We asked him about his time on the course and his life in Dundee:

“Living abroad to study postgraduate for the first time is life-changing.”

Pawat Piyakitcharoen, MSc Biomedical and Molecular Science with Business 2020

What were the best things about your course?

I got a chance to learn both the science and the business modules from both the School of Life Sciences and the School of Business. The structure of the modules and courses are also flexible and allow students to 'shape the course' to fit their needs the most. Additionally, the course also allows students to take a look at how we could use the knowledge we gain in the practical field, whether it’s in the drug discovery, biopharma industries, or bioinformatics.

What are the best things about the University of Dundee?

The University of Dundee offers an invaluable experience for students, especially from abroad. Apart from the varieties of courses and programs to choose, the university also provides many support services to current students, including the free English In-sessional course (EIS), along with many university-organised events.

What are the best things about the city of Dundee?

Dundee is a small and peaceful city—the way that I liked. Although small and quiet, Dundee still offers plenty of activities both in the university and elsewhere. From the shopping centre to bars, museums, or even riverside beach at Broughty Ferry. Travelling to other cities in Scotland such as Edinburgh or Glasgow is also reasonably quick and easy, thus allowing me to explore Scotland and the UK during my stay here.

Generally, people in this city are very amiable and open to foreigners here, and it make a living abroad feels a lot more like living at home.

What is your favourite memory about studying here?

Getting to know friends and staff from different part of the world would be my most memorable experience here. With vast cultural differences, I could learn a lot more about other cultures and lifestyles. Getting connections from people all around the world is also beneficial to me.

What did you like most about the societies/clubs/sports or other activities while here?

The University of Dundee has a lot of clubs and activities to join. During my first semester as a postgraduate here I was encouraged to join the Enterprise Challenge in the Centre of Entrepreneurship which lasted for two months, of which I got to make new connections and gained a lot of new insights on how to run a start-up, get funding, and what important points I need to address. I also got opportunities to pitch start-up ideas during the final week of the program.

Apart from that, DUSA and the Global Room also provide numerous activities at the university that many could enjoy.

What did you like most about staying in University of Dundee accommodation? 

The best thing with Dundee student accommodation is the location from the campus. A five-minute walk from my room to my lecture class, ISE, and nearby stores justified living here. Additionally, having an ensuite bedroom with shared living spaces allowed me to connect with others. I was lucky to have flatmates from the Americas, Europe and Africa, who I could befriend and learn more about living with people from different backgrounds.

What do you think of the teaching staff at the University?

School of Life Sciences has a lot of expert staff in many fields, including medical staff from Ninewells Hospital, National Phenotypic Screening Centre, Anti-infective researchers and others. This allows me to experience different ways that this knowledge could be applied to. Most staff were also friendly, and open to question should anyone have any issue with any part of the lectures.

What work or further study have you been doing since graduation? 

“After graduating in 2020, I continued working on my Master’s biobusiness project with Prof Swedlow and Prof Lamond on their spinout creation. I also got introduced to Research and Innovation Services at the University of Dundee, where I initially worked in an internship position for 6 months, and recently continued my position as an IP & Commercialisation Officer. Since then, I have connected with many people, from academics to business investors, and have been able to take the experiences I gained from my Master’s project and the internship to good use.” 

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