Kevin’s Graduate Entry LLB Story

Published on 9 February 2021

Kevin Wahba studied law at the University of Dundee and now works as a Geomatics Engineer, Lawyer and an Ontario Land Surveyor

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Law (Eng/NI) - Accelerated Graduate Entry LLB

Kevin Wahba, from Canada, travelled to Dundee as an international student and graduated in 2014 from English Law – Accelerated Program. After graduating, Kevin went on to obtain licences to practise Law and Cadastral Surveying. Kevin is now a Geomatics Engineer, Lawyer and an Ontario Land Surveyor.

"The equivalency requirements coming from the English Law program at Dundee to Ontario Canada was straight forward and reasonable. I graduated in 2014, completed my equivalency requirements by 2015, finished my articles in Law in 2016 and was called to the Bar in Ontario in June of 2016. I also obtained my Licence to practise Land Surveying in Ontario in January of 2017 and worked at a General Law Firm firm as an associate from 2016 to 2019. In 2019, I accepted a position as the Registrar of the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors and I am currently employed in that position."

Here, he talks about the best things about his law course and the University of Dundee.

How would you describe your time studying here?

Kevin told us that the program was excellently structured. He was impressed with the University of Dundee having a very comprehensive social network which made meeting new friends easy and comfortable.

Also, Kevin thought the city of Dundee is beautiful and Dundee has everything one needs to live and enjoy student life.

International study in the UK

When we asked Kevin more about his experience coming from Canada as an international student, he told us,

“Anyone considering studying in the UK, or Europe in general, should consider the programs at the University of Dundee. The quality of their Law program was exceptional. The city and the people gave me one of the most memorable and joyful times in my life, second only to marrying my wife and the birth of my daughter.”

“I consider the University of Dundee a significant part of the foundation of my success over the years and believe that any student searching for an opportunity for adventure, a quality learning experience, and the chance to make lifelong friends would be as impressed and satisfied as I am”

Kevin Wahba

About the Accelerated Graduate Entry LLB

This course allows graduates with a degree in any area, to complete an English Law degree in two years, instead of three.

This two year graduate entry course has all the subjects you need to practise Law in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and many other common law jurisdictions globally.

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