Humayra Abedin – Professional Accountancy graduate

Published on 27 November 2020

Humayra talks about how welcoming Dundee is and their Professional Accountancy MSc

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“I have always thought of Scotland as my first option for my postgraduate degree. I did a research online to find out about all the universities in Scotland. The University of Dundee had a great ranking in the Times Higher Education, which was the primary reason for me to choose University of Dundee.

“I had the most amazing time of my academic life, during my stay in Dundee. It was the city and its welcoming and friendly people which made Dundee a home away from home, for me. 

“Studying Masters in Professional Accountancy at University of Dundee gave me an immense competitive edge in the job market. The course is designed in such a way that after the successful completion of the course, a graduate can straightway claim exemptions from ACCA F1 to F9 Papers. The course module is eminently aligned with the ACCA format. Thus, studying this course will fully prepare a graduate to take on the path to become a qualified accountant.

“It would be a crime if I do not start by saying how amazing and fun filled the DUSA The Union is. Because of DUSA I have fully enjoyed my one-year university life in Dundee and no doubt they know how to deliver utmost entertainment. I am confident due to the same reason students have ranked DUSA The Union the top student’s union in Scotland and 3rd within United Kingdom. Other than that, of course the university campus is the heart of the city.

students looking at various stalls outside the student union

“Dundee aka Fundee was the best choice I made for my postgraduate degree. The newest and most significant addition to the Dundee city landscape would be the New V&A museum. Another fact that played a major role for me in settling in Dundee would be the weather of Dundee. I am originally from Asia, so at first I was extremely worried about adapting to the northern winter. Perhaps, because Dundee city is located by the River Tay, the weather of the city is far better than any other city of Scotland. Thanks to the River Tay (I guess), I experienced a mild winter and it would definitely not rain most of the time of the year, unlike most other Scottish cities. The city being relatively small in size and population also makes it safer for the students who have travelled away from home.

“My most precious and favourite memory from studying at UOD has to be my graduation day. Having my family and mates around me when I was awarded the degree of MPA, with distinction, definitely made me extremely proud of myself.”  

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