Farkhanda Sheikh's story

Published on 22 November 2021

Farkhanda is a fourth year student on our MA Education Course, here’s her story.

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“I came to the University of Dundee to study Education as I was keen to open myself up to more job opportunities.  

My time studying here has been challenging and informative with classroom discussions being a favourite part of the course for me.  

The best thing about the university for me is the support other students have given me, especially as I don’t have English as a first language.  

I was inspired to become a teacher after seeing role model teachers at work. I hesitated about applying as I would be starting as a mature student and also have responsibilities as a student, mother, and a wife. I have managed to maintain my life, and while it’s sometimes been challenging, the university staff have been very helpful and supportive.   

I really looking forward to being a teacher from a diverse culture who can help shape children’s lives with new experiences.  

I didn’t have many teachers in my life who had personality like me growing up. I would like to be influential to others, to be kind and supportive. 

My advice to anyone thinking of applying for a teaching course is don’t give up. The course is demanding, but if you have the will, you will succeed.” 

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