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Published on 22 November 2021

Courtney is a fourth year student in our Education MA (Hons) course and shares her story on what inspired her to get into teaching, why she initially thought she couldn’t and what her hopes are for the future.

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My parents were my main inspiration to become a teacher. We live in a deprived area, so they pushed me hard to become the best I can be as a person as well as in my academic studies. They wanted me to have a well-paying job with benefits, something they say their parents didn’t really feel the need to do with them.  

I had initially thought about working in a nursery, but they suggested teaching to me once I had completed my HNC. I loved the idea but didn’t think it would be something I could achieve. I thought those more well off than me were smarter and more likely to get a place at university. 

My parents however knew I could do it and helped me build up my confidence to work harder and realise my own abilities – I managed to achieve more than I ever thought I could and recognise that I fully deserve to be here as much as anyone else.  

​The best part of my course is working with the children, and I think if you ask anyone on my course, you’ll get the same answer. I have also learned so much from placements that I will take into my practice.   

​I love planning lessons to make them engaging and fun for children while building relationships with them. Seeing the children’s faces light up when they understand something you have taught is so unbelievably rewarding. 

​I’m really looking forward to becoming a teacher and having my own class. But even more importantly I look forward to teaching children that they can achieve anything with a bit of hard work and confidence. My background means I will be able to relate to the children and their experiences, meaning I can provide quality learning and teaching through strong relationships. I look forward to making a difference to my hometown’s children and future. 

If I had to give any advice to someone considering teaching, I would say ‘you can do it!’.  It’s a lot of hard work but if it’s really what you want to do, please don’t hesitate. 


“When I was considering teaching, I honestly believed it wouldn’t be possible for someone like me, but all I needed was someone to support me and make me realise my potential. It didn’t matter my background or where I was from, I worked hard and used the support around me to make it happen.”

Courtney Stewart

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