REF 2021 Code of Practice Development

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The University’s Code of Practice was developed by the REF Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Group (REF EDI Group) and frames the University’s decision-making processes in relation to REF 2021 in the context of the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion, and all relevant legislation. In doing so, the REF EDI Group consulted the REF Guidance on Codes of Practice published by the UK REF team on 31 January 2019, including the Code of Practice template provided at Annex A of that document.


A consultation period took place between 23 April and 6 May 2019 during which staff were invited to comment on the REF 2021 Code of Practice.

The REF EDI Group considered all comments received from staff and relevant committees, groups and networks and incorporated changes into the final version of the Code of Practice as appropriate.

Open meetings

Two open meetings were held during the consultation period where staff could ask questions about and make comments on the draft Code of Practice. These were hosted by Pamela Milne (Director of Human Resources & Organisational Development and Convener of the REF EDI Group) and Professor John Rowan (Vice-Principal Research, Knowledge Exchange and Wider Impact, and Convener of the Research and Knowledge Exchange Committee and REF Steering Group) on 30 April (City Campus) and 3 May 2019 (Ninewells Campus). A recording of the open meeting on 30 April 2019 can be viewed on this page.

Drop-in sessions

Two drop-in sessions with Mr Ajit Trivedi (Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) and Dr Clive Randall (Research Policy Manager), both members of the REF EDI Group, took place on 1 May 2019 (City Campus and Ninewells Campus).

Internal approval

The revised Code of Practice was submitted to key University committees and groups for comment and feedback (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee; People and Organisational Development Committee; Union Local Joint Committee; REF Steering Group; Research and Knowledge Exchange Committee; Senate; University Executive Group).

The University Executive Group approved the revised Code of Practice at its meeting on 5 June and the final version of the REF 2021 Code of Practice was submitted to the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) by the deadline of 7 June 2019.

External Approval (August 2019)

Following assessments conducted by both the REF 2021 Equality and Diversity Advisory Panel (EDAP) and the SFC, the University of Dundee REF 2021 Code of Practice was considered to meet the published requirements set out in the REF 2021 Code of Practice Guidance (REF 2019/03). No further action was required by the University of Dundee in relation to the Code of Practice assessment process and our Code of Practice, as it was submitted, was used to inform key decisions for REF 2021.