Research project

Promoting physical activity and exercise after stroke using a text messaging intervention

Looking at using text messaging to enhance motivation for stroke survivors to participate in physical activity

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Start date

October 2020

Completion date

August 2022




70% of stroke survivors experience enduring physical impairments and associated disabilities. After rehabilitation, survivors are signposted to local exercise opportunities. Despite this, many struggle with motivation and feel abandoned by services after rehabilitation. Consequently, participation in physical activity (PA) and exercise is low.

An SMS intervention that provides real-time support for goal setting, planning, and prompts for self-monitoring after rehabilitation is a potentially effective way to enhance motivation, combat the feeling of abandonment, and support PA and exercise adherence.

Aims of this study

  • Conduct focus groups with stroke survivors to understand how an SMS intervention could work and what features are acceptable (text frequency content, tone, narrative features)
  • Co-design, develop, pilot and refine a new SMS intervention with stroke survivors and health professionals
  • Examine intervention and key aspects of study feasibility and acceptability for testing in a future trial


Project lead(s)

Dr Jacqui Morris

External team members

St Andrews University

Project team

Dr Jenna Breckenridge,

Dr Stephen MacGillivray

, Dr Albert Farre