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Improving didactics, education and learning in higher education with the Online Serious Game Creator

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Start date

December 2020

Completion date

December 2022

The ERASMUS+ project IDEAL-GAME is a strategic partnership in the field of higher education. The main aim of this project is to foster teaching and learning in higher education institution by integration of innovative digital applications. As part of the project, the partners are developing an online game development tool for serious games.

A kick-off meeting was conducted on 8 - 10 December 2020 with partners to discuss the aim's of the project.

This IDEAL GAME-Tool will allow learners to play different types of small serious games that can be used in higher education modules and lectures, for example:

  1. Serious games to learn specific subject-related vocabulary
  2. Serious games to assign and match facts and terms
  3. Serious games, which relate to processes and procedures
  4. Competitive serious games to understand learning processes
  5. Puzzles to get accustomed to models and theories


External team members

University of Paderborn, Prof Marc Beutener, Chair of Business and Human Resource Education II, Germany (Coordinator)

Ingenious Knowledge GmbH, Germany (technical partner)

Universitatea din Pitesti, Romaina (University partner)

Wysza Szkola Ekonomii i Innowacji w Lublinie, Poland (University partner)

University of Dundee, UK (University partner)

Universidad a distancia de Madrid SA, Spain (University partner) 

University of Dundee partners: Professor Divya Jindal-Snape, Derek Robertson, Helen Booth, Mr Neil Taylor and Dr Alexia Barrable.

Project update

The IDEAL-GAME mini serious game creator is the result of an Erasmus+ project of the same name (IDEAL-GAME - Improving didactics, education, and learning in higher education with the Online Serious Game Creator [ IDEAL-GAME]).

The tool promotes the universal implementation of mini serious games tasks in everyday university life. everyday university life. The tool should be as simple and straightforward to use as possible.

Eight different types of mini serious games were jointly developed within the Erasmus+ project IDEAL-GAME Improving didactics, education, and learning in higher education with the Online Serious Game Creator (2020-1-DE01-KA203-005682).

In the last 24 months, the project consortium consisting of 6 partners from 5 different countries designed the IDEAL-GAME Creator with a variety of universally applicable mini serious games.

A total of 8 universally applicable game types are now available on the IDEAL-GAME Creator. They are as follows:

Raining Words

Raining Words is a matching game. Categories and associated words are created. The categories are represented as books. The words fall from the top to the bottom. During the game, the players have to match the falling terms to the category books at the bottom.

Collect Words

Collect Words is a matching game. Here, a category is created along with associated and un-associated terms. The category is represented as a book that can be moved by the players. The correct and incorrect terms fall from the top to the bottom. The players have to decide which terms belong in the category (the book) and which do not.


In the memory game, matching terms have to be found. On a covered sheet of cards consisting of several terms, the players have to turn the cards over one after the other and find the correct pairs of terms. A pair can consist of two to four terms.

Build a Bridge

The Build a Bridge Game is about building a bridge using terms. The aim is to use the terms to represent a process and thus build the bridge. The players have to put the terms in the right order so that a bridge can be built.

Conversation Game

The Conversation Game is about choosing a correct answer from two possible answers. For this, a statement or a question and two possible answers are created. If the correct answer is chosen, the players get a new question/statement and have to choose between two answers again.

Quiz Game

The quiz game is about choosing a correct answer from four possible answers. A question is created and four possible answers. The players have to choose the correct answer.

Explore Campus

The Exploration Game offers the possibility to make assignments on pictures. A picture and possible places or objects are selected and the players have to name them correctly.

Crane Game

The Crane Game offers the possibility to arrange texts correctly. For this, excerpts from texts are displayed as containers that have to be placed in the correct order on a cargo ship to produce the correct text. The players have to select the text sections in the correct order on the cargo ship. Finally, a text is the result.