Dental Public Health MDPH

School of Dentistry

Learn about the strategies that you can apply to dental public health practice to make a difference in local, national, and international communities

Date of entry

September 2022

Start date
September 2022
12 months
Study mode
Full Time
Dundee City Campus

Dental Public Health MDPH

Dental public health is the speciality of dentistry that deals with the prevention of oral disease, promotion of oral health, and improvement of quality of life through the organised efforts of society.

Good oral health can have a positive impact on an individual's ability to speak, smile, and socialise. You will learn how to improve fragile dental public health systems and reduce oral health inequality.

You'll learn how to design and carry out dental public health research, and understand how raw data and statistics can be used to draw meaningful conclusions and help you make decisions on how to approach complex issues.

You will work closely with Public Health students from the School of Medicine, taking a holistic approach to healthcare that will benefit you throughout your career. During this time, you will be taught at Ninewells Hospital and Dundee Dental School.

We have our own Masters Hub in the School of Dentistry, where you can collaborate and study with your peers as well as independently.

There is also an option to study extra modules in Medical Education. With successful completion of these modules you can exit the course with a Masters in Dental Public Health with Medical Education.

“We have a very close group of people and one-to-one interactions with the professors. We have a Dental Public Health Services Research Unit that works with the WHO so there are amazing collaborations going on. If you want to work to help improve the quality of the community then this is the place and course for you!”

Zainab Kidwai, MDPH Graduate

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