Research in Politics and International Relations

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Politics and International Relations at Dundee is strongly research orientated.

We are committed to promoting a first class research culture dedicated to producing research of the highest quality in a supportive and stimulating environment. 

This includes our contributions to the Institute for Social Sciences Research.

Our staff are very active in research, reflected in the range and quality of their publications and their contributions to policy and political discourse. 

Our research interests are based around European and global politics and international relations, including the following:

  • peace and security in international relations
  • international relations theory and international and supranational organisations
  • European Union politics 
  • the impact of processes of European Integration and globalisation on parties of the European Left
  • terrorism, counter-terrorism, and policing
  • asylum, migration and borders
  • human rights
  • sexual politics
  • public policy decision making relating to protection of citizens
  • the global drugs problem and related policies
  • law enforcement strategies
  • democratic consolidation
  • regional and local politics in Russia
  • Irish politics
  • Sub-Saharan African politics: liberation movements, nationalism, the 'invention' of traditions, post-colonial governance
  • Middle Eastern politics
Scottish Human Rights Defender Fellowship
The Scottish Human Rights Defenders Fellowship was established in 2018 to support those at risk for their work in protecting human rights around the world
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