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Transnational social movements and the struggles against settler colonialism in Southern Africa

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Application deadline

30 June 2024

The project provides an opportunity to examine the roles, motivations, and impacts of twentieth century transnational social movements, that were involved in the struggles to end white-minority rule in Southern Africa (eg. Angola, South Africa, Zimbabwe). The project will enable the candidate the freedom to choose the movement(s), and nation(s) associated to the regional anti-colonial struggles. The themes the PhD might examine include resource mobilisation, motivations of activists, the forms of activism in different settings, the impacts of these activities, cross-border connections, and liminal spaces.

Diversity statement

Our research community thrives on the diversity of students and staff which helps to make the University of Dundee a UK university of choice for postgraduate research.  We welcome applications from all talented individuals and are committed to widening access to those who have the ability and potential to benefit from higher education.

How to apply

  1. Email Dr Matt Graham to:
    • send a copy of your CV 
    • discuss your potential application and any practicalities (e.g. suitable start date)
  2. After discussion with Dr Graham, formal applications can be made via the direct application system.
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