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Dr. Thomas D.A. Jones is a Baxter Fellow (Lecturer), in the School of Science and Engineering, at the University of Dundee. His duties are divided between teaching and research, where he lectures in Advanced Manufacturing and Materials Science, and contributes within the Materials Science and Engineering research cluster on the development of innovative production techniques and materials for industry.

Dr. Jones received a Bachelors of Science degree in Nanoscience from Heriot-Watt University, UK, in 2011, a masters of science in Nanoelectronics and Mechanics from the University of Sheffield, UK, in 2012, an Engineering Doctorate in Photonics and Optics Technologies from Heriot-Watt University, UK, in 2017, and a PgCert in Academic Practice (Associate) from the University of Dundee, 2019.

  • Research Engineer for the Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer, Merlin PCB, UK, (2015 and 2017), on the delivery of innovative electronics devices for medical applications and the development of new manufacturing techniques/processes.
  • Post-doctorate Researcher, Heriot-University, (2017 – 2018), working to improve direct metallisation techniques onto high value, additive manufactured polymer substrates for circuitry formation.
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP), the University of Dundee and Rautomead Ltd, UK (2018 – 2020). Improved on existing and new manufacturing processes using Finite Volume simulation models (Ansys FluentTM) of computation fluid dynamics (CFD) in metal casting processes.
  • Baxter Fellow, University of Dundee, (2020 – onwards).


Within the Materials Science and Engineering research cluster at the University of Dundee, Dr. Jones investigates the development of new manufacturing techniques and processes by implementing devices such as Laser, additive manufacturing (3-D printing and inkjet) and traditional metal casting. From this he has implemented innovative light-assisted processing for the development of microelectronics onto surfaces, enabling the realisation of ‘smart-devices’, such as sensors within fabrics and additive manufactured materials, such as polymers and ceramics.

Dr. Jones supervises PhD students investigating high-efficiency, novel fuel cell development; novel solar cell synthesis; the inkjet-printing of highly conductive Noble metals; the investigation of corrosion-resistant coatings; and the synthesis of antimicrobial coatings using unique nanoparticle formulations. He also oversees MSc and BSc student honours projects.

Dr. Jones’s research is closely tied to industrial developments and supported by UKRI and private sector organisations:

  • chemical sensors, investigating novel DNA extraction methods for pathogen detection
  • the Printed Circuit Board industry, developing original electrochemical manufacturing techniques and Ultrasound medical imaging devices
  • Microelectronics, the implementation of additive manufacturing of electronics features and devices
  • traditional metal casting, developing computer models of industrial processes for industry 4.0
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