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Dr Zhen (Ricky) Qiu received a BSc degree in Electronic Engineering and MSc degree in Medical Image Analysis from Fudan University, Shanghai, China. After receiving the Ph.D. degree from Heriot-Watt University, he worked as a Research Fellow and Computing Team Leader at the University of Edinburgh. Since Feb. 2024 he was appointed Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Computing in School of Science and Engineering at the University of Dundee. Currently he is also a visiting fellow at the University of Edinburgh.


Ricky’s research area is in the intersection of artificial intelligence, computer vision and biomedical sciences. His research has led to over 40 peer-reviewed journal and international conference publications, many of which were published in high-impact journals, including such as first-authored research articles in Science (IF = 63, cover-page articles) and Neuron (IF=19), and co-authored in Nature Communication (IF = 18), Neuron and IEEE TRANS journals. He serves as a reviewer of several journals including such as IEEE TBME, IEEE TMI, Pattern Recognition and Cell Press Journals. He is a member of IEEE, BMVA and the SfN. 

Current research interests in his group include but are not limited to:

  1. General deep learning and computer vision
  2. Biomedical AI 
  3. Computational imaging

Prospective PhD students and visiting scholars and students are encouraged to contact Dr.Qiu by email. Candidates from China Scholarship Council Programme are also very welcomed.

Selected Publications

(sorted by impact factor)

  • Mélissa Cizeron*, Zhen Qiu* (*Equal contributions), Babis Koniaris, Ragini Gokhale, Noboru Komiyama, Erik Fransén, Seth Grant, A brainwide atlas of synapses across the mouse lifespan. Science (2020) 369, 270-275. (IF = 63.7, cover article)
  • Fei Zhu*, Mélissa Cizeron*, Zhen Qiu* (*Equal contributions), Ruth Benavides-Piccione, Maksym Kopanitsa, Nathan Skene, Babis Koniaris et al., Architecture of the mouse brain synaptome. Neuron (2018) 99, 781-799. (IF = 18.7)
  • Edita Bulovaite, Zhen Qiu, Maximilian Kratschke, Adrianna Zgraj, David Fricker, Eleanor Tuck, Ragini Gokhale et al., A brain atlas of synapse protein lifetime across the mouse lifespan. Neuron (2022) 110, 4057-4073. (IF = 18.7)
  • Laura Tomas-Roca, Zhen Qiu, Erik Fransén, Ragini Gokhale, Edita Bulovaite, David Price, Noboru Komiyama et al., Developmental disruption and restoration of brain synaptome architecture in the murine Pax6 neurodevelopmental disease model. Nature Communications (2022) 13, 6836. (IF=17.7)
  • Zhen Qiu, Lei Yang, Weiping Lu, A new feature-preserving nonlinear anisotropic diffusion for denoising images containing blobs and ridges. Pattern Recognition Letters (2012) 33, 319-330. (IF = 4.76)
  • Lei Yang, Zhen Qiu, Alan Greenaway, Weiping Lu, A new framework for particle detection in low-SNR fluorescence live-cell images and its application for improved particle tracking. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering(2012) 59, 2040-2050. (IF = 4.76)
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