Richardt Robert Smidt Fuglsig Hansen

Richardt Hansen
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Originally from Denmark, Richardt earned his BSc (HONS) in Mathematics and Psychology at the University of Dundee in 2021. During his undergraduate degree, Richardt was awarded with the ‘Global Challenges in Engineering and technology’ summer scholarship by the University of Dundee, which had him and a small interdisciplinary group of fellow students attend three major universities in China for 8 weeks. After completing his BSc, he went on to complete his MSc in Developmental Psychology at the same University in 2022. Richardt was then awarded a PhD Scholarship from the Carnegie Trust and is currently completing his PhD in Psychology at the University of Dundee under the supervision of Dr Rebecca Koomen.


Richardt’s PhD explores the predictors and trainability of pro-environmental behaviours. Richardt is especially focused on the predictors of cooperation in common-pool resource dilemmas from an experimental, developmental, and social methodological approach. He is also engaged in applying theory to guide behavioural changes and inform policymaking to improve resource management, such as household recycling.