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Rachel MacGregor has worked in digital preservation in the Higher Education Sector for the past five years. Prior to that, she spent nearly 20 years working in archives for a large local authority.

She has a particular interest in developing digital skills in the archives sector and presented papers on this at the 2019 Archives and Records Association Conference and at the DCDC 2019 conference. She is currently involved in a peer mentoring project with the UK National Archives to support digital development in the archive sector. Rachel writes on a wide range of digital preservation topics on her blog https://anoldhanddigital.wordpress.com/ and is interested, as a practitioner, in archives cataloguing in the digital world and has delivered a paper on email appraisal (2019).

Rachel is a member of the Archives and Records Association for whom she has delivered training events on a number of digital preservation topics. She also sits on the Archives and Records Association Legislation and Standard Working Group. Rachel firmly believes that the biggest challenges in digital preservation are not technological.