Penny Lockwood

Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer

School of Medicine

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Dr Lockwood is an academic General Practitioner currently practising at the Brechin Health Centre and the Out of Hours Centre. She graduated at the universities of Liverpool (MBChB 1991) (EdD 2018) and Dundee (MMEd 2011).

Her Masters project explored the development of clinical reasoning skills in medical students. This was further developed in her doctorate when she conducted an action research project which developed and tested methods for teaching clinical reasoning to undergraduates. She also has an interest in Rural medicine and from 2016 to 2017 was the lead for the longitudinal clerkship run by the University of Dundee in partnership with NHS Dumfries and Galloway and NHS Highland.


Lectures and conferences

I regularly give lectures to medical and dental students

Short Communication

  • Dr Penny Lockwood Dr Susan Law, Feedback-from theory to practice ASME annual scientific meeting, Warwick, July 2010


  • Penny Lockwood Susan Law, Role Play Engaging the Participants, ASME annual scientific meeting Edinburgh July 2011 (prize winning poster)
  • Penny Lockwood, Do Clinical Reasoning Models which are used to teach medical students consider diagnostic safety? ASME annual scientific meeting, Warwick, July 2010
  • Penny Lockwood, JonDowell, Peer Observation of Small Group teaching ASME annual scientific meeting, Edinburgh, July 2009
  • Penny Lockwood Fiona Muir Julian Davis, Community Medicine an Integrated course, AMEE Prague August 2008
  • Fiona Muir Penny Lockwood, Placing the Patient at the Core of Teaching, AMEE Genoa August 2006 (winning poster)
  • Penny Lockwood Fiona Muir, A student centred approach to curriculum development, AMEE Genoa August 2006


  • Penny Lockwood Susan Law Feedback workshop – From Theory to Practice ASME annual scientific meeting Edinburgh July 2011
  • Susan Law and Penny Lockwood Feedback workshop – From Theory to Practice Dundee Medical Education conference Dundee September 2010
  • Dr Penny Lockwood Mrs. Fiona Muir Dr Cathy Jackson Dr Neil Merrylees Placing the Patient at the Core of Teaching Developing Early Patient Contact for Medical Students in Their First Semester, AMEE Norway September 2007


Penny teaches medical students from years 1 to 5, foundation doctors and Specialist trainees.

She is the medical school lead for integrating basic sciences, clinical sciences and the specialities as well teaching Clinical Medical Sciences to the dental students.

After working as the curriculum developer for the Doctors Patients and Communities course, which is delivered to years 1 to 3 medical students, since 2005, Penny’s role has now changed to working with the curriculum for the year 4 and 5 medical students.

She also teaches communication skills and leadership skills.