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Paola Sangster was born in Dundee, and showed an early interest in music. In 1990, she moved to Glasgow to studied music at RSAMD after which she taught in an independent school in Glasgow as a primary and secondary school music teacher for 13 years. In 2003, Paola was appointed Director of Music at the school. On returning to her home-town of Dundee, Paola embarked upon the PGDE Primary course to broaden her experience and qualifications in other curricular areas. In August 2008 she became lecturer in music in primary education at the University of Dundee and is currently Programme Director for the PGDE Primary/Secondary Programme, a role which she has held since August 2013. Paola is also keen to promote musical extra-curricular activities and has set up the Staff/Student School of Education Choir which performs annually at Christmas in the University of Dundee Chaplaincy Centre.  Paola's research interests include gender issues in Initial Teacher Education, which was a focus for her Masters' dissertation in 2015.

Paola is a member of the National Student Placement Management Group and is also chair of the University of Dundee Partnership Group, which is currently running a mentoring project supporting student mentors in schools.