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Professor Lushetich is an interdisciplinary theorist with a background in the arts. At Dundee, she is Professor of Contemporary Art, Media & Theory, Associate Dean of Research, and Principal Investigator on the 2023 – 2027 AHRC-funded project ENERGY: A Philosophy of Practice. Her research relies both on theoretical methods (e.g. diffractive reading; media archaeology) and practice-based methods (e.g. artography; deep mapping). It focuses on intermedia, critical mediality, global art, the status of sensory experience in cultural knowledge, biopolitics, performativity, and more recently, complexity. Her 2020 – 2022 AHRC-funded research project is The Future of Indeterminacy: Datafication, Memory, Bio-Politics.

Professor Lushetich is a founder-member of subRosa and the recipient of numerous fellowships and residencies such as Fulbright (NYU, New York); Steim (Amsterdam); Noorderzon (Groningen); and ArtsLink (Cleveland & NYC). Her artistic work has been shown in a range of conventional venues – museums, film and performance festivals in Europe, Asia, and the US – in less conventional venues – banks and the street – as well as supported by the Art Council of England; The Mondrian Foundation; The VSB Foundation; The Amsterdam Fund for the Arts; and The Dutch Fund for the Performing Arts, among others.

She holds a theoretical PhD from the University of Exeter and her books include: Fluxus: The Practice of Non-Duality (Rodopi 2014); Interdisciplinary Performance (Palgrave 2016); The Aesthetics of Necropolitics (Rowman and Littlefield 2018); Beyond Mind, a special issue of Symbolism (De Gruyter 2019); Big Data – A New Medium? (Routledge 2020); Distributed Perception: Resonances and Axiologies (co-edited with I. Campbell; Routledge 2021); and Contingency and Plasticity in Everyday Technologies (co-edited with I. Campbell and D. Smith; Rowman and Littlefield 2022). Professor Lushetich’s recent writing has appeared in such cross-disciplinary journals as AI & Society; Artnodes; Contemporary Aesthetics; Environment, Place, Space; Media Theory; Parallax; Performance Research; The Philosophical Salon; TDR, The Journal of Somaesthetics and Total Art Journal as well as in a number of edited collections. She has delivered over fifty invited talks, keynotes, and seminars at academic institutions, such as the University of Cambridge, Duquesne, Nanyang, NYU, Sorbonne, Utrecht and Western Australia; at cultural institutions like De Balie and Felix Meritis, Amsterdam; and at public sector institutions, such as Bethlem Royal Hospital, London.


The research projects Professor Lushetich has led thus far are: the Bridging the Gaps-funded Critical Gaming (2012–13); the HASS- and Maudsley Foundation-funded Spaces of the Mind (2013–16); the NAC and LaSalle-funded Imaginations of Disorder in Art, Science and Philosophy (2016–18), and the 2020–22 AHRC-funded Future of Indeterminacy. She is also an editorial member of the Anthem Series in Critical Thought, a member of the international board of Contemporary Aesthetics, and research assessor for NWO (Dutch Research Council) and FNSNF (Swiss National Science Foundation). Alongside guest teaching at the Berlin University of the Arts; Nanyang Technological University; Ohio State University; and the University of Westminster, she has lectured extensively on intermedia, contemporary art, critical mediality and biopolitics at her ‘home’ institutions, the most recent of which are the University of Exeter; LaSalle, Singapore; and the University of Dundee. She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and the recipient of several teaching awards.

Current Research students include:

  • Sascia Pellegrini: Sense Amplification: A Phenomenology of Time
  • Rhoda Ellis: Sculpting Digital Material with Virtual Hands
  • Margaret Kerr: Recovering What has been Left Behind: An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Interconnected Ways of Knowing
  • Nuo Cheng: Seeing Through Cavalier Perspective: Hieronymus Bosch’s World and Chinese Spatial Perception
  • Jodie Williamson: Towards a Technology-Informed Philosophy of Education
  • Yimou Huang: How to Touch Nature? A Comparative Analysis of Chinese Taoism and Western Ecofeminism
  • Heather Maycock: Rehearsing Death: A Cultural Analysis of Death in Video Games
  • Monica Dritschel: More and Less: Approaching Nothingness through Indefinable Artistic Practices
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